Living at Disney || What It Was Like & What I Did

So it’s been a while since I landed back in Aus but I thought I’d take the time to share my experience working at Walt Disney World in Florida. Possibly the most spontaneous, hard and fun thing I’ve ever done with my life. I thought I’d share some thoughts now for anyone who’s thinking of going, about to go or just outright curious.

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It’s Announcement Time

Hello my lovely, jubly friends. I have some delightfully fantastic news to share with you today. It’s genuinely so very exciting and if you don’t choke on whatever beverage your drinking, trip-up whilst walking, or gasp out loud when I tell you, then you’re simply not excited enough. So allow me to waffle on for a bit so that you can prepare yourself for an outburst of empathetic JOY.

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A Little Haul of Stuff

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The goal for today was to post some book reviews, but I went to the cinema instead to see The Danish Girl (9/10 – excellent movie) so you know, change of plan! Luckily for me, an order arrived so I thought I’d share it with you so we can all squee in excitement.

I placed an order on RedBubble a week and a bit ago and it has arrived!! In fact, it all came a lot quicker than I thought it would. Perhaps you are a reader in a country where the postal service can do that magic thing where things arrive the next day (I literally cannot imagine that) but here in Australia, and my fellow Aussie readers I’m sure will sympathise, “quick shipping” means “wow, it got here within 2 weeks!”. RedBubble is absolutely AWESOME because its shipping costs are actually reasonable. Which means I can afford to buy things from it every now and then, which is great news for me and bad news for my wallet.


So what did I buy? I’m a geek at heart and a huge Disney fanatic (why does ‘fanatic’ sound so much more scary than ‘fan’ when that’s just an abbreviation of it? The mysteries of the universe!), so of course nothing I buy is ever normal. And by normal I mean, a pretty pattern or picture. No, no, no, my pillows, mugs, books, bags, and 80% of my t-shirts HAVE to have a reference. Otherwise what’s the point? Continue reading

The Cinderella Book Tag

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That’s right people, today I’m doing a Disney related book tag! The Cinderella Book Tag was originally created by Tiffany over @ About to Read but I actually stumbled across it on the lovely Cyra’s blog, Rattle the Pages, who found it over at Brin’s Book Blog. Whew. All of those blogs are fabulous and you should absolutely go and check them out and see what their answers to this challenge were.

I took this graphic from Brin’s blog because it’s stunning – she has the most beautiful graphics for the rest of the questions as well (more reasons to head over and check her’s out!)

Now, I wasn’t tagged “specifically” to do this challenge but Cyra did leave an open invitation so I’m taking her up on that. I love Disney more than chocolate. There, I said it. If it was the end of the world and someone went KIRSTIE! Chocolate or Disney! I’d choose Disney every time. And probably cry a little in Frozen whenever Anna mentions chocolate. Continue reading