The YA Chronicles Unboxing || October 2016

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you another unboxing. I’ve decided that this will be my last YA Chronicles box. If you read my previous unboxing you’ll know that I’ve been wobbling over whether to continue with them or not. In short, it’s been great fun getting these boxes over the past year – but it seems that the quality and value for money of the boxes isn’t quite there. I was disappointed, again, with this box which was the third and final box in my 3 month subscription. I’ve made the decision to stick with some other subscription companies which I’m enjoying a lot more.
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The YA Chronicles Unboxing || September 2016

You might be wondering why you’re reading “September” when it’s very clearly October. Well alright, don’t get snappy with me. I do know what month it is. Unfortunately, there was a massive, gigantic, titanic, mammoth, galactic delay on September’s edition of The YA Chronicles for reasons completely out of their hands. So after crying myself to sleep for the past few weeks, I leapt for joy when this arrived!
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Unboxing: The YA Chronicles || August 2016

Welcome one and all to a fabulously exciting day of UNBOXING. I’ve been getting The YA Chronicles box for yonks now and they’re such a lovely company. Sure, there have been ups and downs but this month, oooh *rubs hands together*, this month was good. I was absolutely devastated that I didn’t get last month’s box (and for the very valid reason that I wasn’t in the country) because it looked spectacular! But onwards – let’s move on and see what was in the box.
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The YA Chronicles Unboxing: June 2016

I’m a little late with this unboxing but at least I’m here! I really enjoy this subscription company so I’m excited to share with you what was in the June box. I’m trying to savour all the items in this box because I’m not getting the July one unfortunately. I decided against it because I won’t be at home so it’ll be all the more exciting for my return in August!! That doesn’t mean I haven’t ordered any subscription boxes for July . . . but you’ll just have to wait and see what I mean about that.  Continue reading

The YA Chronicles Unboxing: February 2016

Each month I get so unbelievably excited for this subscription box to arrive – it’s almost cruel doing this to myself and sitting around rocking back and forth by mid-month anticipating it. There’s always amazing things within and the books selection is on point!

For those of you that don’t know what The YA Chronicles is – it’s a bookish subscription box that is based in Australia and contains one Young Adult new release with 2-5 related nicknacks. They also ‘stamp’ each book in the boxes with an imprint stamp, so if you open the first page you can see the indent of their logo. Which is very cool. The box for each month is themed as well, obviously for the added entertainment of torturing yourself trying to guess what’ll be in the box each time. Continue reading