5 Fantasy Novels New to My TBR

I've got loads of fantasy novels on my TBR - but here are five that have recently been added, and that I'm hoping to read soon, too!

Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim | Book Review

The amazing first book in the Spice Road trilogy by Maiya Ibrahim!

The Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien | Book Review

The third and final instalment in the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien – magnificent.

4 Underrated Fantasy Books

There's so much fantasy out there that gets lost in the endless volumes of its peers, so I thought it would be fun today to look at 4 fantasy books that I personally think are underrated. And all of which you'd thoroughly enjoy reading, of course. Grave Mercy I'm opening up with the most popular … Continue reading 4 Underrated Fantasy Books

3 Books Featuring Pirates on my TBR

Arrrr - don't you love pirates? I do. I don't read nearly enough Pirate fiction. In 2021, I read Treasure Island and completely loved the ridiculousness of it. So here are 3 more I've got my eye (singular, because the other is obvs under an eyepatch) on! Passenger | Alexandra Bracken I acquired a copy … Continue reading 3 Books Featuring Pirates on my TBR

5 YA Fantasy Novels To Add to Your TBR!

Hello friends! What's this, something other than a review? My goodness, it's almost as if I've got my life together. I wanted to bring to you today my top FIVE fantasy recommendations from 2021 that I think you should definitely be adding to your tbr. These days, it feels like a never-ending onslaught of incredible … Continue reading 5 YA Fantasy Novels To Add to Your TBR!

Epic Storytelling in Empire of the Vampire | Book Review

【 EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE 】 ★★★★★ Genre: FantasyAuthor: Jay KristoffPublished: September 2021Publisher: Harper VoyagerPages: 736 (paperback) QUICK THOUGHTSI may need a week to recover from severe heart palpitations this beautiful monstrosity of a book gave me. I am exhausted and amazed. This mammoth of a read tackles vampires in a gorey and brilliant way. … Continue reading Epic Storytelling in Empire of the Vampire | Book Review

Magical Training in Eldest | Book Review

【 ELDEST 】 ★★★★★ Genre: FantasyAuthor: Christopher PaoliniPublished: March 2007Publisher: Knopf BooksPages: 704 (paperback) First thoughts I can't get over how much more I loved this than Eragon, not that Eragon was bad. But wow! The story really sky-rocketed into another realm of awesome. I've been wanting to read this second instalment for so long, … Continue reading Magical Training in Eldest | Book Review

Witches in Threadneedle | Book Review

【 THREADNEEDLE 】 ★★★★ Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy (paranormal)Author: Cari ThomasPublished: May 2021Publisher: HarperCollinsPages: 576 (paperback) First thoughts This was such an intriguing story that was full of twists and turns. I enjoyed the dark mood of the book and trying to guess who was right and who was wrong. Can't wait for the next … Continue reading Witches in Threadneedle | Book Review

Epic African Empires in Son of the Storm | Book Review

【 SON OF THE STORM 】 ★★★★ Genre: FantasyAuthor: Suyi Davies OkungbowaPublished: May 2021Publisher: OrbitPages: 496 [paperback] [ TW ° gruesome violence ° blood ° undead ° death ] First thoughts So interesting! I loved the world building and the complexities of society in this story. It is absolutely to die for and my imagination … Continue reading Epic African Empires in Son of the Storm | Book Review