3 Books Featuring Pirates on my TBR

Arrrr – don’t you love pirates? I do. I don’t read nearly enough Pirate fiction. In 2021, I read Treasure Island and completely loved the ridiculousness of it. So here are 3 more I’ve got my eye (singular, because the other is obvs under an eyepatch) on!

Passenger | Alexandra Bracken

I acquired a copy of Passenger back in 2016 but somehow haven’t got around to reading it yet, which is frustrating. It’s one of those books that keeps slipping between the cracks for me! And yet, how awesome does it sound? This is a book about a girl who travel in both space and time, ending up on a ship (arrr me harties). There’s stolen treasure, a morally tortured captain and a journey across continents and centuries. How fun does that sound?!

It is also quite a big book so perhaps that’s why I’ve been hesitant to pick it up. It clocks in at just shy of 500 pages but I’ve heard great things about it. Plus I really want to read more books by Alexandra Bracken, possibly best known for her Darkest Minds dystopian series.

Song of the Current | Sarah Tolcser

This one has been on my radar (and shelves) for ever so slightly less time than the previous. In 2017 I feasted my eyes upon this beauty and acquired book two first (as one does) and then scoured the earth (aka walked into a bookstore) to pick up book one.

This is about a girl whose family has been upon the river and called by the river god for generations. The main character falls into one of those tropes where she’s the only one in the family to not have the family power (etc) – but ends up trying to rectify this when a chance comes up to prove herself by setting sail on a pirate-y mission to save her father.

Whilst this doesn’t seem to outright have pirates, I think it is a fantastical take on the concept.

Skin of the Sea | Natasha Bowen

A new release and not a book that has languished on my shelves for many years (yet). I actually got a copy of this through the Novellous Box (a new YA book box for Australians) and was thrilled to have it in my hands.

This gives off little mermaid vibes and also reminds me a bit of To Kill a Kingdom. It’s about a mermaid who serves the gods by helping souls lost at sea cross over to the afterlife. Except one day she saves a boy and that causes one heck of a stir.

There’s nothing I love more than a dark, mermaid-vs-pirate romance that always gets some sort of all-powerful supernatural god-like thing in the mix.

What pirate books are on your radar, and have you read any of these?

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