November Book Haul! | 2020

Honestly, I have no right to be doing a book haul but here we are! I think we all know I'm useless at book bans and I do *usually* go on a book ban for November. You've probably heard me explain this before but if you're new, I give my family my complete wishlist (of … Continue reading November Book Haul! | 2020

New Book Releases! | December 2020

It's December!!! Can you believe it?! And with a new month with have new books to gather upon our shelves. As always, there are some fabulous books coming out this month so let's not waste time with preamble here. All blurbs are found below unless it's a sequel and as always this is not a … Continue reading New Book Releases! | December 2020

10 Historical Fictions You Haven’t Read | Top Ten Tuesday

Hello, everyone! Can you believe how close to the end of the year we're getting?! The second half of the year has gone by so quickly, I'm sure of it. Truth be told I'm impressed I actually got a post up today - I've got that big exam I've mentioned a couple of times in … Continue reading 10 Historical Fictions You Haven’t Read | Top Ten Tuesday

Anxiety in Leave the World Behind | Spoiler-Free Review

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam Review on Goodreads Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review [ intense suspense • racism • negative stereotypes • dystopian themes • sex scenes ] Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing It's nearly midnight, I haven't been able to put … Continue reading Anxiety in Leave the World Behind | Spoiler-Free Review

Characters as Pets | Top Ten Tuesday

That is a slightly misleading title, I'll admit. It's not so much having the character as a pet, but characters I'd name my pet after. I think it would be particularly funny to have a little flock of ducks and name them after mighty characters. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy … Continue reading Characters as Pets | Top Ten Tuesday

Book Titles as Songs | Top Ten Tuesday

Hello, my friends! Are you having a great week so far? I hope so. I can almost hear Christmas marching its way merrily around the corner and I'm so thrilled. I have FINALLY finished my last assignments for the semester so I am a free woman now until next year (with the exception of one … Continue reading Book Titles as Songs | Top Ten Tuesday

October Wrap-Up! | 2020

I had a really good reading month in October! Whilst I might have (definitely) strayed from the TBR I set myself, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books that I read. This is a very five star heavy reading month, you have been warned. I hope you all had a wonderful month in October and … Continue reading October Wrap-Up! | 2020

Book Haul! | October 2020

I think you're all going to be pretty proud of me once again. Whilst I haven't achieved the unbelievable feat of only acquiring three books like I did last month, it's still not too crazy for October! AND, I'm anticipating I'm only going to get better. Maybe that's not the most exciting content for you … Continue reading Book Haul! | October 2020

Cranky Characters We Love | Top Ten Tuesday

I'm going rogue this week. I haven't gone rogue for a while. But it's a Halloween freebie for Top Ten Tuesday and I just can't be bothered talking about spooky books because I feel like I've exhausted myself doing just over on Instagram. So we're going to talk about cranky characters that we love instead! … Continue reading Cranky Characters We Love | Top Ten Tuesday

Magical Fights in Furyborn | Spoiler-Free Review

Furyborn by Claire Legrand Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Author: Claire Legrand Published: April 2018 Publisher: Sourcefire Books Pages: 470 [paperback] Review on Goodreads Initial Thoughts upon Finishing Well that was really rather good. I can't believe how easy that was to read - the pages just flew by! This is a spellbinding story of two … Continue reading Magical Fights in Furyborn | Spoiler-Free Review