July Book Haul! | 2020

I was so well behaved in July and didn't go too mad buying books. This is one of the most reasonable book hauls you're going to see this year, I'm sure of it. I feel like restructuring my TBR (over on my YouTube channel) has been a really good way to re-focus on reading goals … Continue reading July Book Haul! | 2020

June Book Haul! | 2020

At this point, I don't think we should honestly be too surprised by the number of books I'm hauling for June. *shrug* I just love me some books and I find the way and means to collect them all. We can just slide by the fact that I hauled an enormous number of books for … Continue reading June Book Haul! | 2020

May Book Haul | 2020

Sooooo my birthday was in May and we all know what that means. YUP. This is a big haul. I got a lot of books. There are many books to show off and I am so EXCITED. Not only that, but I also have more than one audiobook to share with you because I exchanged … Continue reading May Book Haul | 2020

April Book Haul | 2020

I almost did really well for buying nothing in April. And then I bought some books. The weather is getting wet, rainy and windy where I am and I'm SO excited for winter to come. Can't wait to get all snuggled up with a book. Because I sure do have plenty of them to choose … Continue reading April Book Haul | 2020

March Book Haul | 2020

I actually did a surprisingly good job in March for not buying ALL the books and forcing my TBR to get even more out of hand than it already it. The fact that there's the whole isolation thing happening right now is great because it means I can't go on any sneaky adventures to my … Continue reading March Book Haul | 2020

January & February Book Haul! | 2020

Hello, everyone! I can't believe we're over a week into March already, the days are flying by. I was really good with my self-control in February. I think after the intimidating onslaught of books from Dec/Jan, I found the will to say NO to buying anything new (well, to fewer books, I guess). However, I … Continue reading January & February Book Haul! | 2020

MASSIVE November – December Book Haul | 2019

Oh boy, do I have a massive haul to share with you today OR WHAT? So many books. I missed doing my November book haul for reasons you can read about HERE. Which means, unfortunately, you need to limber up your eyes for the book haul of the century. I'm so excited. Christmas is always … Continue reading MASSIVE November – December Book Haul | 2019

September & October Book Haul! | 2019

I have decided to combine the last two months in one book haul - not because I forgot but because September was rather a poor effort for book hauling. So instead of boring us all with a paltry 3-book haul, I've lumped September in with my much healthier book hoarding habits from October. This exact … Continue reading September & October Book Haul! | 2019

Book Haul! | August 2019

Wowww it's nearly October but finally I've polished and readied my August book haul. HAH. Such organisation, it blows my mind. Anyway! I have some exciting books to show you in this haul today - I cannot WAIT to get around to read each and every one of these. Genuinely, though, whilst this isn't the … Continue reading Book Haul! | August 2019

Book Haul! | July 2019

Once again, a very modest month of book buying. Mostly because hardly any buying was done (and publishers have been kind, letting me catch up on the enormous number of books I already have to read. That being said, I still have five books to show you today! Somehow, I have two audiobooks to show … Continue reading Book Haul! | July 2019