April Book Haul | 2020

I almost did really well for buying nothing in April. And then I bought some books.

The weather is getting wet, rainy and windy where I am and I’m SO excited for winter to come. Can’t wait to get all snuggled up with a book. Because I sure do have plenty of them to choose from. I managed to grab a few bargains last month so let’s take a look at what I got!


Spin the Dawn
by Elizabeth Lim


I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a copy of this since it came out. I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures of it on Instagram around its release, and I’ve been jealous of everyone who already had a copy. So on a whim of inspiration, I decided to FINALLY just BUY it when I went into a bookstore at the beginning of the month. I’m very excited to find out more about this dress-making competition and what is really going on in this world!

The Disasters
by M.K. England


I”ve heard a lot of average reviews for this book but I’m still keen to read it myself. This is a YA sci-fi where the main character manages to get himself kicked out of the space academy only 24 hours after being there. But on his one-way trip back to Earth there is a terrorist attack on the academy and he and his friends become the only witnesses and the perfect scapegoats. I have no idea what to truly expect, but I’m really hoping this will be entertaining at the least.

Court of Fives
by Kate Elliott


I couldn’t even tell you for how many years this has been on my wishlist. This is set in a world where there are five courts. The main character wants to compete in a competition for the highly alete for a chance to win glory. A lot of drama seems to go down from this point with people trying to make the MC’s life difficult, as well as threatening her sisters and her mother’s lives.


A Universe of Sufficient Size
by Miriam Sved

44172109. sy475

This isn’t an advanced copy but Pan Macmillan graciously sent me a copy of it as part of their Travel the Worlds with Books campaign. This story is half set in Budapest, Hungary (1938) and half in Sydney, Australia (2007). It’s historical fiction, flipping between times streams and I’m really excited to read more!

by Alex Landragin

44596827. sy475

Once again, thank you to Pan Macmillan for sending me this as a part of the same campaign as above. This time, this book is set in France and follows three stories over three different timelines according to a manuscript the main character in the book discovers. This definitely sounds a bit out there but I’m excited to give it a go!

The City of Zirdai
by Maria V. Snyder


You have no idea how excited I am to read this. This is the sequel to The Eyes of Tamburah which I read last year and really enjoyed. Snyder has some great books out at the moment and this is actually quite a long sequel! It clocks in at just over 500 pages and I’m hoping we’ll get to explore this fascinating, underground desert world in even more detail – because book one had so much going for it! Thank you to Harlequin Teen for sending me a copy: this will be released in June 2020.


by A.C. Gaughen


I have only JUST realised that this is the very same author who wrote Reign the Earth which is much more well known than this one. However, Scarlet has been on my wishlist for years and years and years. It’s been out of stock on The Book Depository (where I usually buy from) and I’ve just never gotten around to getting myself a copy. But then I found the audiobook and liked the preview SO FINALLY I get to read this epic-sound, gender-swapped retelling of Robin Hood.

That’s a wrap!

Have you read any of these? What did you think!

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


8 thoughts on “April Book Haul | 2020

  1. I was so confused when you said you were excited for winter since it’s barely summer here 😂 I assume we’re in different hemispheres! I really enjoyed reading spin the dawn so I hope you like it! 💛

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