July Reading Wrap-Up | 2022

Well, July was a bit of a slow reading month for me, I won’t lie. Despite best efforts, there were a few books that ended up slowing me down. The Brightest Star had me bogging through it for what felt like weeks, and The Old Lie was not as quick a read as I had anticipated.

I had grand plans to get heaps of reading done on a week-long holiday I took at the beginning of the month, but The Old Lie really tripped me up there. That’s not to say either of the books weren’t great, they were just slower reads! Nonetheless, I’m so close to being on track to read 100 books for the first time ever, so I’m hyperaware of trying to keep up the pace! Let’s look at what I did in July.




book reviews

discussion posts


How did your reading go in July?

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