September Hopefuls | 2022

I’m looking at September as a bit of a fresh start for me. I’ve been in a mild reading slump over the last six or so weeks, after I had a run of books that just didn’t quite cut the mustard for me. So while I’m still pausing the TBR jar game, I’ve also made the decision to pull back from reviewing for publishers for the time being to give me more breathing space!

As such, there are no ARCs on this TBR – even though there are a few hanging over my head still. But I wanted to give myself the mental space of not *actually* listing them as a TBR and focus more on the stuff I’m really excited to pick up.

There are also a few books that are rolling over from August seeing as August was a slow month of reading for me.


I’m more than ready to continue my Inheritance Cycle journey. I can’t get over how much I’m enjoying this series – which sounds obvious given how popular it is, but I had a rocky start reading the series when I read book one and it didn’t jell with me. But after a reread, I really got into this and have been enjoying the audiobook experience.

This is well worthy of being a classic and I can’t wait to see where the story goes in Brisingr. If you’re a fantasy lover but you haven’t jumped into the Inheritance Cycle yet, then I really recommend that you do!

I will absolutely be reading Nona the Ninth as soon as I can. I’ve had a wild time with this series, going from the best reading experience of all time with book one, to utter confusion in book two. But I’m beyond intrigued as to how things are going to conclude in the final book.

I really hope I can get to this in September (which is when it comes out), but that does depend on how much audiobooking I do. As I’ve been housesitting since August somewhere that’s only 5 minutes from work, my opportunities to audiobook in the car have obviously dropped. So it all depends on how much listening time I have! For sure you will see this again in October if it doesn’t happen this month.

‘Currently Reading’ Conquests

Oh look, A Court of Silver Flames is still on the list. I had honest and genuine plans to knock this off in August, but I then had a super slow reading month and got through so few books that there was no way it was going to happen last month.

So here we are again, feeling hopeful that I’ll make time for this in September. I’m really enjoying what I’ve read so far – I’ve read around 200/800 pages, as I’ve mentioned before – and it’s easy and addictive reading. It’s just one of those books determined to haunt me.


This has just the most beautiful cover! My boyfriend got me a copy of this one and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve heard a lot of good things about so I’m hoping I enjoy the reading experience.

It’s all about an immortal character who is indentured as a soldier to a witch, who she owes a debt. I’m already intrigued by that premise along – so I’m hoping for a love-hate sort of friendship I can really get behind.

There’s more too it than that, but on the back of positive reviews from trusted friends, I’ve just got to give this one a go and see what makes it so amazing. It’s a trilogy too, so I might even find myself going down the rabbit hole of reading the whole lot!

The Book of Koli is a recent addition to the TBR, but I’m so intensely curious about it that I want to bump it up the TBR. It’s also a book my physio read and raved about, so I want to read it to be able to discuss it with her 😆

I haven’t read an environmental dystopian for a while, and they offer such extreme and inventive settings, so I’m looking forward to finding out more about the crazy world inside of this book!

I didn’t get around to The Book of Hope in August, much to my dismay, so I’m rolling it over onto this TBR. I’m determined that I’ll find a way to make room for it because I’m positively itching to find out more about its content.

I hope I learn lots of things from this as well, I’ve very much so been in a mood to read non-fiction that I can take something from. Learning things from books has been a key focus for me with my enviro-science TBR – particularly in the sense of supporting charities. Last time I read an enviro-science book (Future Sea) it had recommendations of ways to help the issue it was addressing, and I decided to support the Olive Ridley project, which rehabilitates injured sea turtles. I hope this has something like that too!

I’d really like to get around to Book Lovers if I can. It’s so popular and I feel like it’ll be a light and easy read. I’m hoping I can just curl up on a couch one night and read a good chunk of it.

But it’s not a hard-hitting priority so I think this will depend on whether I *get* a quiet evening to do just like. I’ve heard all sorts of mixed reviews so I’m very intrigued as to how I’ll go with this.

What books are you hoping to read in September?

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