British Humour in More Fool Me | Spoiler-Free Review

More Fool Me by Stephen Fry

5 Star Rating System 4 stars

Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoirs
Author: Stephen Fry
Published: September 2014
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Pages: 388 [hardback]

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Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing

This was an entertaining third instalment to Fry’s memoirs. His writing is always such a delight to read and I really enjoy the last half-ish of the book which was excerpts from his diary!

More Fool Me

In this third instalment of Fry’s memoirs, we’re invited to take another look at some new areas of his life. As always, the book is a delight to read, full of wonderful language and the best storytelling. There sure is never a dull moment in Fry’s life.

Having explored earlier years of his life in the previous two books, this focusses on more recent events in quite a haphazard manner. There is a brief recap of some basic details that were explored in book one and two at the beginning, a large focus on Fry’s use of cocaine, and a large number of diary excerpts at the end to tie things off.

Why I Enjoy Fry’s Books So Much

I always think this man has such a way with the English language. He has undoubtedly lived a fascinating life and I really enjoy coming along on his adventures of how he got where he is today. But more than that I lap up the way he uses words together to make it an almost musical ectasy to read his prose. A pompous statement if ever there was one, but if you read his books you’ll know what I mean.

But the other thing I find fascinating and really grabs my attention in these books is how Fry seems to know everyone. He’s dined with every amazing British celebrity you could possibly think of. Maybe that’s not surprising because he’s a big wig himself, but when you read his anecdotes and ALL of them are filled with amazing people like John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson and others, I just find my jaw dropping in awe constantly.


I don’t feel I need to say more than that for this book: if you love Stephen Fry you’d be a fool not to read this. I’ve you’ve watched anything—anything at all—that he’s been in, I would strongly recommend you treat yourself to the joy that are his memoirs. And if you’ve never heard of Stephen Fry in your life before, the heck are you doing with your life, man?!

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