That’s right! It’s my second blogoversary – how on earth have I been here for two years? That seems insane. True to myself, I did not have a post actually scheduled for today because why be organised when you can wing it? Right? HOWEVER – I’m going to do a mashup post of a bit of a Q&A with some questions YOU guys have asked, and a general blabbering of how exciting this is.

Let’s start this off by saying a big thank you to all of you who read my blog. I adore this community and I don’t see myself ever leaving it. Blogging is such a joy and meeting all you wonderful people makes it worth it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!! This year I reached some great milestones – I eclipsed the 500 followers mark and am heading steadily towards 700 as we speak, which is just bonkers; I started receiving physical ARCs for review; I started a Booktube channel; and not to mention I spent six months of the year working for Disney in Florida. So it was a pretty good year if you ask me.


I posted on twitter to see if any of you out there had questions and you did! The comparison between BookTube and my blog seemed to be a very popular topic!! I’m also going to answer some questions you didn’t ask because I’m sure you’re curious anyway.

The biggest difference you’ve found in blogging compared to BookTube?

One of the biggest differences is way I create content. I find BookTube much trickier for making up content on the spot: I have to actually plan it. Whereas here on my blog I will just sit and write away. It’s much easier to be spontaneous here AND I can write blog posts in my pyjamas, always a bonus.

What made you decide to start a BookTube channel as well?

I’ve always been really curious as to what it would be like to run a BookTube channel vs. a blog, I expected it to be pretty similar but more energetic and fun, and so I started a channel to find out. After I got back from travelling I decided that I might as well give it a shot, so I found an old camera, turned it on, and started talking to it.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced with your BookTube channel?

NOT HAVING TIME FOR EVERYTHING. Oh my good lord, social media has officially taken over my life. The biggest challenge has been coming up with content aside from hauls/TBRs/wrap-ups. It’s so much harder. But I have to keep reminding myself that I’m new to video-making and I’ve been blogging for two years, blogging is bound to feel easier. The other big challenge would be editing/uploading and not getting frustrated that it takes approximately 50 years to do.

What is your schedule for juggling Twitter AND Insta AND blogging AND BookTube?

I don’t even know, I ask myself this question all the time. The short answer is I don’t schedule and I just do what I can when I want to. I love writing and taking photographs so it’s my enjoyment that drives me to keep posting content regularly.

With my blog, I like being able to post daily – but if you follow me you’ve probably noticed that I do not do that. I mostly create content whenever I can. I recently started using Tailwind to schedule Instagram posts (it’s supposed to help you boost audience participation but I have yet to see it make a difference and honestly find it more useful for just reminding me to post something).

For YouTube I make an effort to post a minimum of twice a week. Twitter has always been my “springboard” platform – it’s where I share everything but the place I spend the least time on. Its other use has been a means of communication with fellow bloggers. So yeah, chaos and many moments of OH-GOD-I-HAVEN’T-POSTED-IN-AGES is pretty much how I run things.

Why haven’t you read Illuminae yet?


What’s it been like running a blog for two years?

I doesn’t even feel like two years. I’m amazed to see how far I’ve come and I’m trilled at how many friends I’ve made. I remember thinking how impossible it seemed to really become a part of the community but it’s been so much fun. It’s always sad to see other people’s blogs die out as they stop posting but there are constantly new people arriving! Not to mention it’s nice to find myself in a position to help others by giving advice.

Do you see yourself ever stopping blogging?

Nope. Never. I’d rather sever a limb first.

What are the biggest changes to your blog since you started?

The formatting. My goodness, don’t even look at my old posts (just kidding, do, they’re adorable). I’ve learnt CSS coding better, I’ve taught myself the basic graphic design skills I need to create pretty pictures and graphics and in general I’ve taken better advantage of what WordPress has to offer. Plus the fact that last year I took the plunge to make my blog a “.com” from a “.wordpress.com”. SO IT’S ALLLLL MINEEEE.

What’s your favourite book?


A Bit About Me

I suppose I should mention a little about myself? The last two years have been infinitely better thanks to blogging. It’s given me the best creative outlet I could have asked for and I’ve found the skills I’ve acquired incredibly helpful in real life, too.

In 2015 I started this blog on the eve of Hallowe’en. I had one year left of university to go and no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had 60 followers.

In 2016 I travelled to England for a month and did amazing things like see the Harry Potter Studios tour. I completed my final year of university and acquired a Bachelor of Arts in History and Italian. I could now call myself bilingual and accepted an internship to travel all the way (ALL THE WAY, I SAY) to Florida and work for Walt Disney World. I had 400 followers.

In 2017 I did said travelling and spent six months in America having the time of my life. I took a break from blogging (unintentionally), was amazed at all the things I got to see in the States and discovered that I wanted to write books more than anything. I started a YouTube channel, got serious about my Instagram pictures and started writing my final draft of a book I’ve wanted to finish for years. I’m going to finish it by the end of the year. I have 675 followers.

In 2018 I hope to pursue my dream of writing and find out where it is life is taking me. I want to travel more but I can’t decide if I want to see more of my own country, or go crazy and find myself on the Great Wall of China. I guess we’ll find out.

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      1. I got a copy of Tiger’s Curse because it was your favorite book 😂 No pressure though xD I’ve been meaning to read it forever ago and the cover is gorgeous and I’m so hyped about it 😭 Reading people’s favs, is, like, my job description 😂

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