Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || October 2016

I am ever so slightly late in doing this unboxing, so, firstly, my bad. Secondly, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT? Ahem. If you weren’t aware, I adore this box. This is hands down, continually, the best subscription box that I’ve ever got. It just has not let me down just yet and that’s wonderful. I’m really excited to share with you everything that was in October’s edition!

October’s Theme:

Worlds Apart

The Dragon’s Hoard is an Australian based subscription company that is absolutely fabulous. They send out boxes monthly on an auto-renewing system. The box costs $30AUD per month (excluding shipping) and is a sci-fi/fantasy specialist (occasionally with some YA). The boxes include one book, not necessarily a new release and usually under 3K ratings (on Goodreads I presume), and 3-5 bookish goodies, with each box curated to a particular theme. The idea is to bring you something you probably haven’t seen before.

A Quick Overview

This box was amaze-balls. The longer I think about what came in it, the more blown away I am. There were so many items in this box! This is definitely one of the reasons this is my favourite subscription company, not only is Joyce lovely, but it’s 100% value for money. The whole value for money is definitely a front I’ve been struggling on with other companies. We also got a bunch of discount codes for various shops and with those I bought some more bookmarks and three new candles from Burning Pages Candles. WIN.


The Book


by Aimee Jessica Russ

Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Aimee Jessica Russ
Published: January 2016
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Pages: 281 {paperback}

This must be a dream after all. I pinch myself.
Why the hell aren’t I waking up?
After mysteriously waking up on a different planet, not knowing how she got there or even her name, K – as she becomes known – finds herself in a fascinating world much different to the one she can barely remember. K becomes part of an Exodian family and begins to feel at home on the beautiful, peaceful planet known as Exodus. That is until her new world is turned upside down. Can K be brave enough to stand up to the enemy and help her new family save their planet?

I cannot wait to read this. From the moment this talked about someone waking up on another planet I WAS SOLD. Not to mention so far Joyce’s choices in books have been so on point they have evolved into ballerinas. What’s been blowing me away with the books in these boxes is that I’ve never heard of any of them despite them being new releases this year. This is why we all need to subscribe to this company, obvs, otherwise there are stardust books that we don’t even notice! I’m so keen to dive into this – and remember I’ll be co-hosting the read along for this one starting on the 15th November so make sure you head over to the Goodreads page so you can flail with us when the time comes!


buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

Pride & Prejudice Bookmarks

Truth be told, these are totally my favourite items in this box. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett magnetic bookmarks? Yes please.


Magical Necklace

We got a super cool Harry Potter necklace which is a potion bottle filled with Amortentia – the love potion! I thought this was great and a lovely little touch. There are few things better in the world than bookish necklaces.


Miniature Bookmark



How gorgeous are the colours on this artwork? This was a lovely design included in the box which I assume is related to the story. I’m devs though, I literally have no-where to frame and display it left – I think I need to open up my own art gallery soon.


A Note from the Author

This is amazing! I was astounded that we all had a hand-written (and not photocopied) card from the author. This was such a lovely touch and I’m really impressed that Russ committed to writing so many of these.

A Whovian Coaster

This is a coaster with Gallifreyan writing on it that says “Allons-y”. Do I need to say more? No, I do not.

November’s theme is:

Lights, Camera, Action!

Photo credit: @thedragonshoardbox

Well, I’m pretty pleased with that. What did you think?

Want to join in on the fun in November? Visit their website . . .

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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