Painful World-Building in Collide || Book Review

Collide by Aimee Jessica Russ 3.5/5 STARS Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi Author: Aimee Jessica Russ Published: January 2016 Publisher:Β Olympia Publishers Pages: 281 {paperback} Originally posted on Goodreads this review is spoiler-free until I state otherwise Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing Ahhh, this book has me so conflicted. I really did not get along with the writing … Continue reading Painful World-Building in Collide || Book Review

Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || October 2016

I am ever so slightly late in doing this unboxing, so, firstly, my bad. Secondly, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT? Ahem. If you weren't aware, I adore this box. This is hands down,Β continually, the best subscription box that I've ever got. It just has not let me down just yet and that's wonderful. I'm really … Continue reading Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || October 2016