Identity Crisis in Recreated

Recreated by Colleen Houck


4.5/5 STARS

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology [Egyptian]
Author: Colleen Houck
Published: August 2016
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 406 {paperback}

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Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing

RIGHT NOW I AM SO INCREDIBLY NOT OKAY. I need the next book, I cannot function without it. That was the cruelest cliff hanger of ever. But omg, this book, this story, THESE CHARACTERS. Give me more now, please. I loved this so much that I just have not been able to put it down. I can’t wait for the next book to clear up the mess that everyone ends up in in this book because GOOD LORD, Lily needs some help right now, that’s for sure *nods*.

Straight Into the Action

There is so much to talk about for this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this as a sequel to Reawakened and it is definitely teasing for what is to come in book three. I love how everything is this massive play up on a forbidden love. This book literally picks up straight after the events of book one. We’re back in the character’s head space and it really doesn’t take long to get stuck into the classic Houck-style adventure. This is what I love about Houkc’s writing. Her stories are so addictive and you can be guaranteed a unique and amazing read.

If you haven’t read Reawakened then stop reading here.





I was really curious to see what would happen to Lily’s character after the finish for book one. For starters, I was traumatised and concerned by Amon’s little runaway, and I just couldn’t work out how Lily was going to take it. Being back in her family situation (those parents, sheesh) definitely had me nervous – and I was worried that we’d waved goodbye to some amazing characters. But I really shouldn’t have ever doubt Houck.

This was absolutely a fantastic sequel and everything I ever wanted from Houck. This series is certainly shaping up to be unique and amazing – and packed to the bring full of drool-worthy men.

Many apologies, but if you haven’t read THIS book then skip to the Summary or be spoiled.





I was a big fan of the events that went down in this book. I loved that Lily made the decision to leave her parents and go to her grandma to become her own person. I loved that it didn’t take long for her to get sucked back into the Egyptian world, and I loved the whole Tia business that went down and all the other complications on the way. This truly was an addictive read.

“Why had I ever thought hair had no purpose? Obviously the purpose of leaving hair loose and long was for this – to have a man run his hands through it and cradle your head as his kissed you.”
~ Tia

Character Development: Level Ten

Lily is fast becoming one of my favourite characters. I just really like her. I feel like I relate with her well and I think she handles all the situations well. I mean, let’s not even get me started on the Sphinx thing. SO COOL. I was so surprised and pleased with how she turns out in this story – I’m not going to lie, for a little while I thought her cushy up-bringing would spoil her. Thank goodness it didn’t!

I thought Houck’s playing with the Tia/Lily thing was awesome. I’ve seen a few people say they didn’t like this but oh my god, I loved it. I loved how it completely complicated things within the book but most of all I loved how the different perspectives within the same mind allowed us more clearly to see some of the mental side-effects on the characters. In particular, I’m talking about the final scenes and the unique angle that we get to see Lily’s depression (if you would call it that?) over the whole Amon situation.

I was really sad at the lack of presence and action that Amon’s character had. I think he brings so much to the story – so I was infinitely pleased when his brothers showed up. Speaking of . . .

The Three Brothers

This book would have been nothing if Ahmose and Astin hadn’t showed up. I literally whooped for joy when they did. I think the story was doing okay but had great potential to start flagging without them.

My favourite thing about this series is the way that they dynamics between Lily and those two is so interesting. And I adored (I don’t think I can express this enough) how complicated things got with Tia falling for Astin. Whilst I wanted to slap Lily for entertaining these thoughts, I also thought it was quite funny how the lines between Tia and Lily blurred and this happened. So I’m totally all for this confusion and loved the extra element this brought.

The connection that they all shared, however, broke my heart. When they’re trying to retrieve Amon and they’re all suffering, oh, I just wanted to cry. They’re just the most perfect brothers EVER.

I wanted to spare a quick word about Ashleigh. I can’t actually decide if I like her character or not. I think I *do* but I don’t think she brought that much more to the story. It also started to feel just slightly cliche when clearly a thing between her and Ahmose was struck up. I did feel like at this point we’re just trying to create a match-making service for the brothers. I wish Ashleigh could have been her bright self but not in Lily’s mind. That being said – the added complication of Lily really starting to lose control with the three of them in her head was awesome and I did get a little excited when I sussed out what was going on. So yes, mixed feelings there.

The Gods

I loved the role the gods had to play in this book. Considering this was essentially one big quest to get to Amon (let along bring him back) they had quite the big role to play. I really enjoyed the settings for the gods dwellings that Houck conjured up for us AND I’m super excited for the release of the novella, Reignited, which is the story of Osiris and Isis. I am so excited I may collapse.

I thought it was quite funny how Amon’s heart that he’d given to Lily caused her so many problems with it attracting men. It was definitely testing times when the gods were tricking her into loving them. I did like this aspect and I thought it served its purpose well for showing the exact strength of Lily’s power to remain faithful to Amon (and I think she did quite well).

I also really loved the scene when Astin has his heart weighed. And by loved, I mean I was a mess of emotions. It was the saddest thing ever and I just wanted to hold him and say everything was going to be okay. That poor, poor man. A clever and well-done scene – I’d really like to see more of the crossing over area where Ahmose and Astin guard, that’s for sure!

Does anyone else totally picture Astin as chill as Simba?

The After World

This place was spooky. I’ve no idea how much of this (if any) comes from Houck’s research into the Egyptians’ ideas about hell, but wow, this was thorough and terrifying. I loved all the different places and aspects to it – and I thought it was clever to make people enter to try and claim their hearts back. It had a very divinely dystopian feel to it (you don’t get to say that sentence very often). If anyone could make it through here, it’s Astin and his sass.

I’d love to see someone take this and make it into a movie because I think there are seriously some clever things to be done. However, there are some things I do not want to see done – such as when some soul are forced to eat their own hearts, etc. Yuk! Such cruelty.

And that ending. Shall we talk about it? I had to admit, I had to read it a couple of times because I was a little confused by the whole thing (and I still sort of am, but am expecting things to be cleared up a little by book three). I was SO happy when we got just that little one kiss between Amon and Lily at the very, very end. I also really loved that it took the support of both Tia and Ashleigh to help Lily out; at this point I was very happy with Ashleigh’s characters and I think the girls work really well together.

Just to spin off on a tangent here: I love the trilogy of the girls. I adore their friendship and think it’s marvellous. Aside from Sarah J. Maas, Houck is now the only other author for me who has created this epic troupe of super girl power. Plus Tia is hilarious with her lack of understanding about politeness and need for people to just be straight forward. Oh, I laughed many a time.

But yes, the ending. I’m so confused and such a mess and I just need Lily and Amon to be okay. I’m desperate to see what happens next and I don’t think I can deal with an Amon-ness world for much longer! Let’s hope those pesky gods can sort something out!

Actually, as a delightfully spoiler-y blast, I wrote down a stream of thoughts at the end of the book which went a little something like this:

Okay, that was crazy.
Like really crazy.
Lily is back at home (I assume)
Amon, Ahmose and Astin are back in the underworld being glorious as per usual (I assume)
Amon is now . . . okay? I DON’T KNOW, I’M ASSUMING.
Let’s take a step back.
So Lily escaped her parents because who even cares about those heartless robots – she went to her Nanna’s
Seriously, this woman needs to be in the next book, she was fabulous.
But then Anubis is like guuurrrrl, your BF has messed up everything.
And thus an adventure into Hell (basically) to retrieve a dying Amon.
Much heartbreak.
Because Amon.
But Lily has to become a sphinx (which is UBER cool)  and thus Lily because Lily 2.0
In other words she now has Tia too (omg that name, I’m in love)
I LOVED TIA SO MUCH. She’s so funny and straight forward about everything.
The whole one person but two minds was mind blowing.
Why haven’t more authors done this.
It was brilliant.
But the mind struggles, my god.
And I celebrated because DAMN those boys are pretty.
I mean, good additions to the plot.
Then there’s that scene when Astin weighs his heart.
Like damn. Houck is cruel.
It was so heart breaking I can’t even.
Which was both awesome but confusing because PLOT EFFING TWIST.
Coz you think it’s Lily betraying Amon (although I didn’t believe this for a second, pssht).
But really it’s Tia and it’s sad coz she’s lonely. Somebody give that girl some loving.
But bloody hell give ME Astin.
My poor ovaries can’t deal with this level of sexy.
Houck sure knows how to write them.
*fans self*
Then in comes Ashleigh (there are not enough characters in the world called Ashleigh)
And I love her, she’s wonderful. Feisty little Merida.
I was both glad and sad that she and Ahmose clearly hit it off
Felt a bit cliche?
And then the ending. AFDSAGIRGIOGRENJ.
The final battle where everyone’s just dying like OMG.
And THEN – Lily goes into herself and her sisters have to help her out.
Everything is confusing but clearly Lily is special and amazing and awesome so the Gods are trying to sort her out.
But they can’t because HEART. BREAK. OUCH.
I’m hoping Tia and Ashleigh get their own bodies and it can be a happy family.

So with any luck, that sums things up for you. And you are welcome, I did have to edit many swear words out of that rant.


I LOVED THIS. I highly, highly recommend reading the series and embracing its amazingness. I can never believe how glorious Houck’s stories are with her extensive research into certain areas. I enjoyed the character development in this book and just about everything else that happened. Due to previous, aforementioned reasons, I’ve given this one a 4.5/5 stars, lower than my 5/5 star rating for book one as I don’t think it was *quite* as good, but sheesh, I still loved it. ALSO – check out the cover reveals for the novella, Reignited, and book 3, Reunited *faints with excitement*.

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End Note

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