October Book Haul! || 2016

I have been so good this month. Somebody please give me a pat on the back. Be prepared to see how small the non-e-book part of this haul is. I’ve literally never bought so few books in my life. You may worship me now. There have been a few books given away (e-books) on various websites, so the biggest part of this haul will be there – because self control is not a thing when it comes to free books. Don’t deny it. Continue reading

Wishlist Wednesday [#33]

Welcome back! I hope you’re all having a fabulous day today. The exciting this is that there’s actually sun and warmth here today in Perth (although I say that without having actually gone outside – oh hush, you know you all do it). So what better a way than to spend your morning drooling over a bookish wishlist and dreaming on spontaneously buying every single item on it?

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted @ Pen to Paper where we get to feature a book that’s been on our wishlist for a long time that we want to buy/read! I have a hugely extensive list that I keep updated over on The Book Depository so I’m never short of books that I’m wishing on. Continue reading

Waiting on Wednesday [#45]

I am so near the end of semester now. I can taste it. Practically just one more week to go now and oh boy is it hard to keep going. I thought I’d’ve whizzed through a bunch of books by now, but to tell you the truth I’ve hardly read any. Don’t worry! That’ll change as soon as studying is out the window. Mark my words.
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Top Ten Tuesday: A Scary TBR

I hope I find you well and being generally fabulous, because there truly is no other way to be. I’ve got a great topic for you this week, I can’t wait to make the list and confront my fears. It’s going to be like a therapy session, but with myself. I hope you like it because right now I really should be writing those final essays . . . but you know, *awkward laugh*. Ahem: ONWARDS.

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Serendipitous Parenting: The Best Motherly Figures

Today is going to be fun – why? Because I’m telling you, obviously. Actually, today is Mother-In-Law day and as a celebration of that (because why not?) I’ve decided to do a post inspired by it! There’s a delightful website called Days of the Year which tells you what is being celebrated on every day of the year (one of my personal favourites is Rocky Road Day – as in the dessert, not badly laid roads) and we should all make use of excellent little things like this in life, *nods*.  Continue reading