Top Ten Tuesday: Ugly Crying to Outrageous Giggles

It’s Tuesday! So that means it’s TTT time – my favourite blog of the week! I found this week’s theme a little tricky so I’ve twisted it a little.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over @ The Broke and the Bookish and each week there’s a different theme that we get to make a list about featuring ten related books. It’s so much fun and the topics are always great! It’s also a fabulous way to learn more about people’s reading adventures and I recommend heading over to the official page to do some exploring through the link up.


This week’s theme is:

  Ten Books That Will Make You Laugh (or at least chuckle)

Now this turned out to be too hard for me. I found it nigh impossible to think of books that are funny in and of themselves – it’s usually individual characters that I find funny. So instead, I’m going to do the Top Ten Books that Trigger an Alarming Emotional Reaction from Me. Today we’re going to explore the books that made me cackle with laughter or ugly cry into my pillow. Huzzah!

Relax, this is all spoiler-free.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J. K. Rowling

Emotion(s): Crying, Broken Soul

So of course this book is on my list. The seventh HP is definitely emotional, I mean, they all are, but the seventh one really twists the knife it stabs you with. I absolutely adore this series with all my heart and I can’t wait to reread it in July and destroy my soul all over again.



by A. G. Howard

Emotion(s): Crying, Book throwing, Loud Gasping, Hysterical Laughter

Ensnared is the final book in the Splintered trilogy and the feels are strong with this one. I distinctly remember being up past midnight when I finished this one in a complete mess. There are several things that happen in this finale that Howard clearly took delight in torturing us with when she wrote it. I love this series to the moon and back but just take my word for it and have tissues, chocolate, and a bed to crawl into when you read this one.



The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green 

Emotion(s): Crying, Outbursts of “Greeeeeen”, Repeated Rereading of Final Page

I’m pretty sure every Tom, Dick and Harry has read this one by now but I can’t not mention it. TFIOS is such a cruel book – I loved it so much and I really enjoyed its characters. I think I was expecting the book to turn out the way it did so I wasn’t shocked but I was still stunned when the book finished and I just sort of sat in one spot for a while.



Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
by Becky Albertalli

Emotion(s): Laughter, Book Hugging, Painful “awwws”

This book is too funny for its own right. If you’re looking for the most adorable character and relationship IN FICTION EVER then this is the book. I think I would gladly read this book for the rest of my life on repeat, I loved every page of it and despite its actual seriousness you’ll be laughing at Simon’s idiocy constantly.



If I Stay
by Gayle Forman 

Emotion(s): YOU WHAT, Crying, Wordlessly Gesturing to the Book When Someone Asks if You’re Okay

Oh you wanted your heart? Oops. This book is brilliantly sad. I love how unique it is and I think Forman secretly enjoys tormenting her readers. If I Stay is wonderful and oh my goodness sad. I mean, it’s a book about whether the main character is going to stay alive or die after a car crash – IT LITERALLY DOESN’T GET SADDER THAN THAT.




 Ruin and Rising
by Leigh Bardugo

Emotion(s): Can’t say for spoiler-y reasons

You might be confused by this one but if you’re a Darkling fan then you probably sympathise with me for this one. I’m actually not going to tell you whether this made me happy or sad because this is the third and final book and my reaction is directly related to events surrounding the Darkling – and there are probably quite a few of you who haven’t read this for some silly reason or other (what are you doing?). Let’s just say I found myself really confused with how dramatically I responded to some of the things in this book – Bardugo is a sly little thing.



 The Water Diviner
by Andrew Anastasios

Emotion(s): Ugly Cry

I feel like I’ve been constantly mentioning this book lately – but GUYS, get on to it. This is the one case where I actually think the movie was better – and that’s only because both movie and book were written at the same time, so the book is basically the script. If you watch this movie you will have two choices: wail hysterically or blink rapidly. This book is painfully tragic and believable so it’s not a good sad but it’s a damn good story.



The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
by Douglas Adams

Emotion(s): Outrageous Giggling

If you don’t laugh at some point in this book then I think you might be broken. I loved this book so much, this edition that you can see is actually the first four books and I read them back to back. It’s crazy and wacky but so clever and so, so, so funny. I was rolling around laughing just at Adams’ introduction – it’s THAT funny.



Queen of Shadows
by Sarah J. Maas 

Emotion(s): Gasping, Distressed Wails, Angry Stomping

You thought we were going to make it through this post without me bringing this up, didn’t you? Now for all you Chaol lovers, just sit back down because that’s not why we’re here today. And for those of you who haven’t read this yet, lower your spears I’m not going to spoil anything. I just had to include this book because being the fourth book it definitely has a lot of emotional baggage riding on its shoulders and I will just say that Dorian’s story for this book broke my heart (which seems to be a recurring theme for this series). This is definitely a book where I will shamelessly audibly gasp and point at it.



Tiger’s Destiny
by Colleen Houck

Emotion(s): Ugly Cry, YOU DID NOT, Face-Pillow

This book caused me problems. You see, I had to stop reading it because I was crying so much I couldn’t read the silly words. This is the fourth book in the series and the finale (well, I say that but apparently we’re getting another book – and I don’t know how I feel about that) and the way that Houck cruelly wraps this up really well and truly plays with your feelings.



by Colleen Houck 

Emotion(s): Laughter, Crying, Saying “My Poor Baby”, Outbursts of: “Houuucckkk”, Indignant Gasping

And another Houck book to wrap things up. This is a happy one (yay!) because I found so much of this book to be hilarious. Howevvverr, there were quite a few things in this one that had me screaming THIS IS NOT OKAY. Because it’s Houck and she does not write books without dramatically traumatising events. The main characters in this book make a killer of a duo and I’m dying in anticipation of the next book whilst I’m sure will equally destroy me with its swings from giggle to distress.


 What’s a book that caused your to dramatically react?

Let me know in the comments below!

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~




17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ugly Crying to Outrageous Giggles

  1. Great list! I’ve been putting my TTT off since I don’t tend to read funny books… It’s still Monday here in Ohio, so I have some time to figure out how I’m going to spin it this week lol

    PS- I haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars ((hides under rock))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my God now I’m really afraid to read Queen of Shadows! What happened to Dorian in Heir of Fire already broke my heart. 😭
    I’m also afraid to continue with The Splintered series and the Tiger’s Curse series.
    Oh well, I guess I’ll keep tissues nearby.
    Ahh yes TFIOS is so sob-worthy. I was spoiled (by like everyone) but it didn’t make it any less devastating.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha I’m sorry! Didn’t mean to cause you panic. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HEIR OF FIRE *collapses* Don’t worry, you can do it *gets pompoms out*. And Ensnared is AMAZING don’t you dare not pick that one up guurrl! And and and I promise you’ll come out okay from the Tiger’s Curse series.


  3. Oh man The Fault in our Stars is definitely a book that makes me ugly cry too, and I completely agree with you about Ruin and Rising and what happened with the Darkling. It was such a heartbreaking scene between him and Alina at the end.
    I still need to read Colleen Houck’s books, I’ve heard mixed reviews about them but the blurb sounds interesting so maybe one day I’ll get around to them 🙂
    Great picks for this week!


    1. READ COLLEEN HOUCK. YOU MUST. YOU WILL *throws all the books at you*.


      But yes omg I love and hate The Darkling so much. And TFIOS will just never be okay *much sadness* – I though the movie did an excellent job! Thanks!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I have the problem coming up with books that made me laugh too. I ended up dipping into my TBR pile. I love If I Stay, haven’t watch the film yet. I’m apprehensive of it. Reviews doesn’t look too grand.

    Mistborn: The Final Empire had a “what just happened? OMG, this can’t be happening. You’re kidding me right? No!!!!!” moment for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really? I’ve not really seen the reviews for the movie but I thought it was great! I definitely recommend having a watch of it.

      And AH Mistborn is a series I desperately need to start *drowns under books*. And any book with that sort of reaction to it has to be good!


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