Top Ten Tuesday: Curiosities

Hi everyone! My favourite day of the week is back with a bite! I’m super excited for this week’s theme and I can’t wait to ruffle your feathers. Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) is a weekly meme hosted over @ The Broke and the Bookish and each week a topic is provided for us bloggers to squeal about as we make a list of 10 bookish things. It’s outlandishly fun and I recommend heading over to the official site to see what everyone else has posted!


This week’s theme is:

Ten Characters Everyone Loves But I Just Don’t Get


Ten Characters I LOVE But Others Seem To Dislike

This was really hard to come up with ten ideas for one of these so I’ve decided to split it up and do 5 characters that I love and others don’t, and 5 characters that others love and I don’t.

Characters Everyone Else Loves and I . . . Don’t


Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass


Let’s start this off with a real controversial one, hey? I think I’m one of two people that I know of that IS. NOT. SHIPPING. CHAOL. EVER. Everyone in the whole universe seems to be obsessed over Chaol’s character. I am not. I didn’t like Chaol that much from the start – I get that he’s sweet and lovely and treats Celaena wonderfully, but it was all unnatural and just weird to me. Not my cup of tea at all. So I’ll be quite glad if he were to, say, sail away on a ship FOREVER in the next few books. Ahem.



Mal from Shadow & Bone


Now don’t get me wrong here, I do actually like Mal. But boy-oh-boy was he a moody broody character. I reconciled my differences with him eventually and decided that I did like him, but meeehhh. I know there are some pretty clearly defined camps for ‘Mal’ and ‘The Darkling’ here – and even in the last book when I became a little cold on The Darkling I was NEVER head over heels for Mal. He really needed to get his act together.



Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice


That’s right ladies, shoot me down. BUT! Before I go any further I just want to say that in the movies Darcy is one of my FAVOURITE fictional hotties (especially the movie with Kiera Knightly). But in the book . . . well, just no. I was very frustrated reading P&P, namely for the lack of ‘stuff’ happening, but he’s hardly even there and portrayed as such a doofus for such a long time that I didn’t have the chance to begin to like him. So I shall continue to harbour my angsty feelings towards him until I reread the damn book in the future and probably fall in love with him. *Sigh*



Adam from Where She Went


Where She Went is the sequel to Gayle Forman’s If I Stay. Which was beyond brilliant. BUT THAT SEQUEL. Eurgh. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in a character in my life. I think there are quite a few people who probably feel the way I do, but I was NOT expecting the sequel to be the story is was – and quite frankly I hated Adam in it. The sympathy/forgiveness he gets from Mia was unfounded for me, I mean look at him, honey, you’re better than that now.



David from Wings


Just to clarify things here, I don’t *hate* David. I just did not get him like others did. I read Wings during a period in my life when I was reading a lot of the same books as my school mates and I was ALWAYS swinging for a different team than them. There’s a beautiful little epilogue for David at the end of the last book that Pike wrote and I was like . . . why? Because, to be honest, I didn’t care. Tamani all the way.


Characters Only I Seem to Love


Mare from Red Queen


Perhaps you disagree wholeheartedly with me on this one – you probably do. But I really liked Mare! I’ve seen review after review slaughter her as a character for not being strong enough, smart enough, etc, etc. It seems the general consensus was that she just wasn’t that great a character. But I did not have a problem with her. Sure the book reminds you of a lot of other books but it’s still different and the challenges that are thrown at Mare left right and centre are HUGE. So I’d say she does a pretty good job of keeping it together if you ask me. High five to Mare!



Rowan from Heir of Fire


So you might be sitting there going, Kirstie, everyone loves Rowan. WELL. I don’t think so. People have become very attached to their precious Chaol and his broody sword swishing – but poo poo to that! I’m not going to spoil anyone, don’t you worry. I’m just really enjoying Rowan as a character and thoroughly enjoying how he’s making Chaolinos (that’s my term for the #TeamChaol people) squirm because Rowan *might* be a threat in this book. (And if you’ve read QoS then you know what I mean). I love Rowan’s character 10 times more than any character in this book aside from Celaena herself, and Dorian. Because Dorian is just unf.



Edward Cullen from Twilight


I WILL ALWAYS BE A TWILIGHT FAN. Well, I’ll validate that sentence once I finish rereading it. I looooooooooooved Twilight when it was the ‘thing’ to be reading. I wasn’t a huge reader at that point but I lapped it up greedily. The books were awesome and I was shipping Bella and Edward so hard before shipping was even a thing. Of course, then they made movies and that ruined everything. Heck, they even managed to make Robert bloody Pattinson unattractive *wistfully gazes back to Cedric Diggory*. But yes, I never liked Jacob (and I never liked Taylor Lautner) so I refuse to say I don’t like Edward or Twilight until I’ve reread the whole series and can remake my decision as an adult.



Ash from Iron King


This might be a bit of an obscure choice as well. I choose Ash here because whilst I was reading this series it felt like everyone under the moon was pining for Puck. This is probably another of those books that falls into the My-Friends-Liked-The-Other-Guy syndrome. I loved Ash from the get-go. He’s this beautiful Winter Prince and AH. Just thinking about him makes me want to reread it. *incoherent noises* Puck was great, but he was not Ash.



Gale from The Hunger Games


*dodges tomatos* You’ve probably (maybe?) already seen on my blog that I swung #TeamGale for this series. In hindsight I think my brain accidentally wired itself the wrong way and I should’ve liked Peeta  . . . but maybe that’s the movies brainwashing me. I was SO angry with certain events in this book and so not angry at other points in the book when I probably should’ve have been. Okay, I’m being too vague here to be of help to anyone but if you’re familiar with the series then you probably get me. *Sigh*, Liam Hemsworth, *more sighing*. Ahem.


And there we have it! The top ten characters who sit in my pot of curiosities. I love finding characters that don’t quite fit the scheme of things for me, it makes them that much more interesting and is great fun to explore why I see them differently.

What’s a character you feel differently about to everyone else?


Let me know in the comments below!

 End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Curiosities

      1. Yay! An Ash fan!! I was in love with the fourth book when it’s from Ash’s perspective ❤ Also, did you ever read the teeny tiny novella she released for Valentines Day? It was Meghan and Ash on a date, nawww.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha – you’ve got to just love those characters who are so incredibly frustrating. And it’s even worse when they get away with being so infuriating in the book if no-one pulls them aside to straighten them up!


  1. Oh Quentin from The magicians. He’s such an annoying character. I just kept wishing he would die a slow painful death. Mean. I know.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You laid out what’s wrong with Mal perfectly.
    And i actually had no idea people weren’t Team Rowan. He so obviously outdoes Chaol AND Dorian! I liked Chaol… But not That much lol
    I started THG as a team gale fan… But I switched to Peeta during a reread in the last book and the movies also swayed my opinion. I’m surprised how many hate lists he’s in lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I think it’s quite evenly split with Chaol and Rowan, but I seem to come across a bigger Chaol-lover presence. And I thought THG movies really went to town on painting Gale as the bad guy, it I do prefer movie Peeta to book Peeta. It makes for an interesting discussion either way!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. YES. I completely agree with all of these 110%. I don’t understand why people like Gale so much (Peeta is obviously much better 😉 ). And I wasn’t fond of Mal or Chaol either. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You did the same thing as me, I split mine as well. I like Chaol, BUT, I only got to book two, so this may be change, I have no idea. I keep seeing all these names everywhere for this series, probably to the point where I may have spoiled it all for myself, but oh well.
    I need to reread and finish the Grisha trilogy because many are on either side with Mal, but I just don’t remember. And now I think I may be like you and really only love the movie Mr. Darcy.
    You know for Hunger Games, I think I never really cared for either Gale OR Peeta. Great list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly! I didn’t even notice her flaws that much until I saw people talking about it. But I mean, she’s come from extreme poverty to having to fit in somewhere that’s beyond foreign to her with people she’s grown up hating. Gotto give the girl some slack!


  5. AHHHH SO WE’RE OPPOSITE ON LIKE ALL OF THESE. 😂 Which is fair enough though…opposing opinions are the spice of the readers life, right?! 😛 I really love Chaol and can’t stand Rowan aaaaand I mean Adam annoyed me? I think he was really immature. BUT HE WAS A TEENAGER SO THERE’S THAT. 😂 Sometimes I forget that I need to give YA characters room to actually be teenagers. I was a pretty stupid 16yo too, I suppose. Ahem. (I mean, I like to think I wasn’t, but WHATEVER.) XDXD

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