Underhyped Reads Wrap-Up!

As you may or may not know, this past week I participated in the Underhyped Reads Read-a-Thon. The aim was to read books that were considered ‘underhyped’ – so less ratings on Goodreads, low ratings on Goodreads, or just books that you consider to be underhyped. Of which there are pleeeenty. I was perhaps a little ambitious with my goals but I read as much as I expected myself to seeing as I also went back to uni this week. Which means farewell free time!

If you want to see my announcement post then you can check that out here to see what books I planned on reading and why.


I set myself the goal of reading 3 books. How many did I read? One books and 150 pages. So I didn’t *quite* reach my goal there. However, this is pretty much the amount that I expected to go through whilst I bumbled my way through my first week back to the land of study after three blissful months of Summer. Bearing that in mind I think I deserve to give myself a gold star for getting the book (s) I read, read!

 What I read

The Shattered Court by M. J. Scott


Genre: Fantasy, Fiction
Author: M. J. Scott
Published: April 2015
Publisher: Roc
Pages: 313 {paperback}

I actually thought this wouldn’t take that long to read as it’s not particularly long. However, as I’ve said, I ended up being a little busier than anticipated. This was also adult fiction – not YA, my usual – which meant I had that wonderful shock of going I’M NOT READY TO GROW UP sporadically throughout my reading experience of this book.

I ended up rating it a 4/5 stars, I didn’t think I would, the language is quite crude in the numerous sex scenes that happen, and the main character, Sophie, seemed a bit of a willy nilly ditter head girl at some points. But it was OKAY. Everything turned out alright in the end. I immensely enjoyed the magical elements and the natural way they slipped in to the story and the ending was stella and totally notched my rating up a star.

I even plan on continuing the series. Look at me being an adult, *parades around room*.


A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan


Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi (futuristic), Retelling (Sleeping Beauty)
Author: Anna Sheehan
Published: August 2011
Publisher: Orion
Pages: 352 {paperback}

I read roughly 150 pages of this book, and all within the last day of the read-a-thon. Perhaps I should have started with this one. So far I’m really enjoying the book, it’s the weirdest take on Sleeping Beauty you could imagine and it started off in such a way that had me screaming at the character for being so stupid. But we have since made amends and I’m struggling to put the damn thing down now. I hope the book continues along this way – some of the characters are really cool and I think the story has a lot to give!



And there we have it! I didn’t quite hit my goal but I think I still did pretty decently all things considered. Once I’ve finished A Long, Long Sleep I’ve got to decide whether to just stick with my TBR and finish the other two (I had one more and a spare . . . just in case) but who knows whether my attention span can hold out that long.

I’m doing another read-a-thon this month (spoiler) so I’ve only a little window of time from finishing this to starting the next and I’m *hoping* that I can finish A Clash of Kings in that time – don’t scoff at me. It’s totally a realistic goal . . . okay, maybe not.

 How’d your reading week go?

Middle shelf

Let me know in the comments below!

 End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


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