Top Ten Tuesday: Under 2,000?

Hello everyone! It's Tuesday again and that is indeed marvellous. Now, I missed TTT last week and I prefer that prompt to this week's (facts about me - but if you're curious about some of my preferences, check out my answers for the Desert Island book tag or the This or That book tag). In … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Under 2,000?

Underhyped Reads Wrap-Up!

As you may or may not know, this past week I participated in the Underhyped Reads Read-a-Thon. The aim was to read books that were considered 'underhyped' - so less ratings on Goodreads, low ratings on Goodreads, or just books that you consider to be underhyped. Of which there are pleeeenty. I was perhaps a … Continue reading Underhyped Reads Wrap-Up!

Underhyped Books Read-A-Thon!

I am going to participate in anotherΒ read-a-thon! Hooray! As you might know, if you've been nosying around here for a little while, I am addicted to participating in read-a-thons. I've had this one in the books to participate in for a while now and I'm pretty keen to get on to it. To give you … Continue reading Underhyped Books Read-A-Thon!