A Tour of Western Australia

Welcome to WA! I had this idea to share the wonderful land that be my homeland: Western Australia. Despite many a man saying that Perth has nothing to offer - today I shall PROVE to you that we are, in fact, the best damn place on the planet. I'm going to do this via a … Continue reading A Tour of Western Australia

An Unexpected Disappearance?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to quickly jump back into your lives to touch base. I'm currently in Philadelphia and typing from the top bunk of a (rather comfortable!) bunk bed. Tomorrow I'll be heading to New York. So where the Dickens am I and what Austen am I doing? If you've been following along, … Continue reading An Unexpected Disappearance?

A Potential Hiatus

Hi guys! I write this mere hours before jumping on a plane and flying across the world to America. SO. Why am I grabbing your ear? I just wanted to let you all know that I'm 110% behind on everything online right now, *nervous laughter*. If you're been following me closely with a microscope you'll … Continue reading A Potential Hiatus

YA Chronicles Volume Five

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For those of you whoΒ are not familiar with this subscription company, The YA Chronicles are an Australian based group that have a different theme each month for what goes in the box. The box contains one Young Adult Fiction novel and 3-5 little tidbits as well. I love this subscription … Continue reading YA Chronicles Volume Five