January Wrap Up!

Kapow! January is down! Today I bring you my amazingly awesome wrap up for January that I’m sure you’ve all been hanging onto the edges of your seats to read, yes? Good. You know for once, I’m not finding myself saying “I can’t believe January is already over!”. Nope. For me January passed in a normal and timely fashion much to David Tennant’s disappointment (and if you don’t get that reference then I am so, so sorry).

January was a pretty decent reading month for me, in total I read 9 books! I participated in two read-a-thons and started tallying up the numbers towards my Rock Your TBR challenge:

Am I pleased? Yes. I am. After receiving quite a lot of books for Christmas I was absolutely determined to get through all of those before I went on to reading the others books of mine that sit looking so tempting on my bookshelf and I STUCK TO MY GOAL. That’s a first. I’ve read a lot of great books this month and that’s always terribly exciting. I’m well on my way to surpassing hitting my goal of 60 books for the year, as well.

Let’s get on to the books! Continue reading