Top Ten Tuesday: The Polar Express

One could say that I am somewhat excited for this Sunday (it’s Christmas, in case you forgot). I am a very excited bubble of ARGH *throws icing sugar into air* at this time of year because HELLO. Food + Presents + Family Time + Christmas Carols + Sunny Days + Pool Time + Chocolate = Yes. Which of course means that today we’re all going to ponder over the possibility of me receiving any of these following books on Sunday morning.

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Christmas is Coming! || Upside-Down Books’s 2016 Christmas Gift Guide

Oh, don’t you just love this time of year? I bet you’ve started to really get concerned with how fast Christmas seems to be approaching. Maybe you’ve even started to dust off some of your Christmas decorations – you’re hunting down that gingerbread recipe. But the thing that’s really playing on your mind, is you don’t know what to get anyone.

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Book Haul! Belated Christmas

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Hola amigos – today I am bringing you the joy of a book haul *intense happy dance*. Belated christmas, though? What on earth is that? Well, as a Brit living in the land of Aus, much of my familial persons live back in the land of tea. So presents don’t always get here on time (thanks postman, *hard stare*). But on top of that! I bought myself some books (because boxing day = sales) and there were a couple of other stragglers that I just ended up buying/receiving too. Ahh, happy days.

The haul of haul-erific-ness

So just in case you were being kept up at night with worried thoughts of, “Oh goodness, will Kirstie have enough reading material this month?!”, fear not my friends. I do. *cough*160 I do’s*cough*.

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Christmas Book Haul!!

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everyone! Okay, it’s too late for that now but I’m sure you all had a fabulous Christmas – I know I did! I went to midnight mass with my family this year and amidst yawns and my off-key singing it was amazing! There was a stunning choir singing all the hymns and one soprano in particular had every jaw dropping.

So that of course meant that we all rolled out of bed at a startling 8am (we’re usually up by 6am, mostly because I forget I’m no-longer 5 years old on Christmas morning and run around jumping on everyone’s bed screaming IT’S CHRISTMAS!). We have our stockings to open from ‘Santa’ (not because myself or my siblings are young, we just can’t kick the habit) when we get up and later we do presents from under the tree from family and friends. 10 points if you can guess what presents I got Continue reading