4 Books with Dragons on My TBR

🐉 Don’t you just love dragons? I sure do, and I don’t read enough books with them in it. I have quite the few on my TBR that have this magnificent beasts in them, however, so let’s take a look.

His Majesty’s Dragon

I have been meaning to read this for far too long. Do I admit that this has been on my TBR since 2015? It’s got to be one of the oldest books that has suffered abandonment on my shelves. Sometimes I don’t understand how I haven’t got to these books 😅 That being said, I do own one of those tiny mass market paperbacks so perhaps it is the sheer tininess of the font that is holding me back.

But this one is a retelling of the Napoleonic wars…just with Dragons! I can’t think of anything more exciting and I love that this is a really long series to get stuck into as well.

A Natural History of Dragons

This one is new to my TBR! No shame here, yet. This is a fantasy trilogy imagining a naturalist who studies dragons, and the books are her memoirs of her experiences. I’ve known about this book’s existent for quite some time but never had any reason to pick up a copy, until recently a friend was de-stashing some books and lo and behold, this was one of them. Of course i had to give it a new home.

I love the idea of a fake memoir from a fantasy world, it’s a really unique plot and I’m fascinated to see what the reading experience will be like.

The Last Namsara

I always forget that this is about dragons, because the cover really doesn’t look like it. This is all about a woman who becomes the most feared dragon slayer in the land. But I’m pretty sure soon she’ll find she no longer wants to hunt them. And isn’t the cover just gorgeous? I love how stunning the whole trilogy is, I so hope I get around to reading all three of them in the not-too-distant future because I’m honestly so excited to pick it up.

I’ve only (“only”) had my copy of this since 2019, however, which by my standards is baby years. But it would be nice to start getting around to books sooner than I currently do!

The Rage of Dragons

I am so curious about this one, it’s about dragons but I’m not sure how big a part they play. It sounds like a war-torn world, where war is all that the people know. And our main character has had enough and wants out. Either way, I think this is going to be a thrilling read, filled with political intrigue and something I can really sink my (draconic) teeth into.

I added this to my TBR in 2020 and have been wanting to pick it up ever since, but never quite got there. I’ve heard amazing reviews and am so excited however!

What dragon books have you enjoyed reading?

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