Waiting on Wednesday [#56]

Hi and welcome to Wednesday! I feel like I've barely written any posts since this one last week. I've been crazy packing and seeing friends before I jet off to the other side of the world - and I have no idea if I'll have any time once I'm there to nestle back into a … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#56]

Waiting on Wednesday [#55]

Hello! Hello! Hello! I'm late writing this post. I won't apologise. I've been on the beach all morning, then in the pool, then melting in a puddle (it's a horrid 41 degrees today) and I didn't have my Wednesday posts scheduled and waiting in the wings because damn, there are a lot of other posts … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#55]

Waiting on Wednesday [#54]

Hello! I hope you're all having a fabulous week. I'm very excited for the release of the book I'm talking about today because Victoria Scott is definitely one of my favourite authors. I'm trying very hard at the moment to get a lot of reading done - seeing as I slumped a fair bit through … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#54]

Waiting on Wednesday [#53]

I have a very exciting book to share with you today. You may be aware of my complete and utter addiction ย to a certain author called Colleen Houck - WELL, when she revealed the cover for her final book and novella for her current series I nearly fell off my chair. So put your seat … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#53]

Waiting on Wednesday [#52]

I've got an exciting book to share with you today! Not that I'd ever be sharing a book that isn't exciting, but just nod along. It's crazy to think that all those new releases that seemed so far away at the start of the year are very nearly in our hot little hands now. I'm … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#52]

Waiting on Wednesday [#51]

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are. I'm getting more and more excited for Christmas as each day passes and my mum and I are planning on going to the beach each morning to take a stroll and do some meditating. We both read The Dalai Lama's Cat last month … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#51]

Waiting on Wednesday [#47]

Okay, so I'm super excited to share theย cover of this week's pick with you. Make sure you're holding onto your seats because it's terribly exciting. Also, a good morning to you! (and if you're not reading this in the morning then I shall ask you polite to do a little bit of time travelling to … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#47]

Waiting on Wednesday [#46]

Waiting on Wednesday is just getting cruel now - I'm basically not buying any books for a long time so I just get to sit here and sadly eat chocolate whilst I admire all the beautiful books that I won't by, *sobs*. On another, I've decided I'm going to try and read 15 books in … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#46]

Waiting on Wednesday [#45]

I am so near the end of semester now. I can taste it. Practically just one more week to go now and oh boy is it hard to keep going. I thought I'd've whizzed through a bunch of books by now, but to tell you the truth I've hardly read any. Don't worry! That'll change … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#45]

Waiting on Wednesday [#44]

Is anyone else positively gasping for Christmas? It's just about the only thing I can THINK of at the moment. Which is crazy because it's mid-October but boy oh boy do I love Christmas. I cannot wait to have oodles of time to lounge about and read. Not mention reading some of these spectacular books … Continue reading Waiting on Wednesday [#44]