3 Books About Women Who Don’t Need No Man

We all love those characters, right? And being Valentine’s Day, what better a day to celebrate our fav fems who really don’t need a man. Or any partner actually.

Most books have some romance in them so I’ve decided not to do a romance post for today because whilst I have my favourite couples, these independent literary creatures stole my heart all the more so for their confidence in being single.

Eleanor, The Good Wife of Bath

Despite the title, this is one of the best feminist books I’ve ever read. It was my favourite book in 2021 and it really sweeps you off your feet.

It’s inspired by The Canterbury Tales with the main character being the wife of Bath who had so many husbands. This book answers how she managed to survive so many of them, and celebrates the friendships in her life and how much more value they hold for her than romance ever did. Particularly as, despite the large number of husbands, she spends much of this book fending for herself. A hard task for a woman in the 14th century.

Osla, The Rose Code

Now Osla I really love because she’s teased a lot about one particular boyfriend she has in this book. And whilst she is in a relationship for a lot of it, because it’s set during the Blitz she rarely sees him. So the reason this is on my list is because Osla continuously chooses herself over men who can’t make good on their promises. She faces multiple moments in this book where people think so little of her as a well-to-do privileged girl who can’t get by without a man, so she’s determined to prove everyone one that’s she’s both capable and quite fine on her own.

That, and the fact that she builds strong friendships and endeavours to help friends even if they’ve fallen out. She is someone I aspire to be every day.

Ana, The Book of Longings

Ana holds a special place in my heart because she’s SO AWESOME. This is reimagining biblical times if Jesus had a wife. And Ana is that imagined wife. Being said partner of Jesus is no easy task, and for 95% of the book she barely sees him.

This made it onto the list because this is all about the women behind the men who are forgotten and not given their due credit for being as amazing as they are. Friendship and family ties are what takes the cake for being the most important thing in this book.

Who’s your favourite independent character?

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