Suicide Mission in Project Hail Mary | Book Review


Just when you thought sci-fi couldn’t get any cooler, Andy Weir proves you wrong by writing a new book

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Andy Weir
Published: May 2021
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 478 (paperback)

Quick thoughts
How can I possibly gather my thoughts to articulate how damn good this book is. I loved The Martian and had high expectations for this, and the book blew those up and surpassed them by miles. This is a masterpiece of science fiction.

Why I loved this SO much
I’m not going to do a quick explanation of the plot because I think this is best gone into blind – the blurb is enough to prep you. But oh my god, this story is just next level.

First of all, this wouldn’t be a Weir book without his signature witty, wry humour that literally had me cackling with delight. The writing style is gayly chaotic and the plot filled with action, disasters, unlikely friendships and entertaining internal dialogue.

But the thing that really did it for me was the sheer force of imagination that Weir has applied to this story. The plotline involves unexpected allies that were so brilliantly constructed that my jaw hit the floor.

Combine this with Weir’s overwhelming yet weirdly satisfying amount of science, and everything feels so real and so immersive. I found myself tossing and turning at night, unable to leave these characters and this world alone and running through all the scenarios of how they could solve their problems.

Not to mention the volume of sarcasm used by characters that you really don’t expect to use it was very entertaining.

Final thoughts
This is really not to be missed. I’ve never read a sci-fi that so delightfully wrapped up apocalyptic disasters and hopeful space expeditions so nicely, with not a single page being even the slightest bit boring.

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