Suicide Mission in Project Hail Mary | Book Review

【 PROJECT HAIL MARY 】 Just when you thought sci-fi couldn't get any cooler, Andy Weir proves you wrong by writing a new book ★★★★★ Genre: Sci-FiAuthor: Andy WeirPublished: May 2021Publisher: Ballantine BooksPages: 478 (paperback) Quick thoughtsHow can I possibly gather my thoughts to articulate how damn good this book is. I loved The Martian … Continue reading Suicide Mission in Project Hail Mary | Book Review

Book Review: The Martian

The Martian by Andy Weir 5/5 STARS ADD IT ON GOODREADS Genre: Sci-Fi Author: Andy Weir Published: October 2014 {this ed. Originally pub. 2011} Publisher: Broadway Books Pages: 387 {paperback} Original review on Goodreads The Martian Quick note: This book is fiction. This is not based off a true story. Even if it's pretty darn … Continue reading Book Review: The Martian