Abandoned Reads | Top Ten Tuesday

I very rarely put down a book. I find it so hard to give up on a story because I always wonder if I hang on just a little longer whether it might get better. It’s a work in progress and I think I’m improving because there’s just nothing worse than sticking through a slog of a read, only to find it puts you in a reading slump.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s prompt is:

The Last Ten Books I Abandoned

I really do envy the people who DNF (“did not finish”) books all the time. It seems like such a power move. Oh to have such clarity and certainty about what I want!! I’ve only DNF’d thirteen books in my life so today I’ll be sharing ten of those. For the most part, many of these are freebies or lesser-known books that I had a crack at but didn’t gell with.

1. Agency
by William Gibson

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I tried so hard but this was so difficult for me to get into. I gave up quite early one after I was overwhelmed by deep-end dive into world-building that left me with so many questions. Gibson expects the reader to build up the context as they go along but this style of writing just isn’t for me. I simply had no clue what was going on.

2. The Last Day
by Andrew Hunter Murray


This book was such a disappointment! I got about a third of the way through before deciding enough was enough. Despite a really cool plot about a world that stops turning, leaving half in dark and half in sun (AND despite Stephen Fry blurbing this with high praise) I found it unbelievably boring. It totally lacked in plot and I wasn’t willing to stick around in case it got better.

3. The Honourable Thief
by Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

40102452. sy475

I was so disappointed that I didn’t love this. Anastasios had previously written The Water Diviner (co-authoring with her partner) and I had loved both the book and the film. Which meant I went into this with quite high expectations. However, I found the main character so unbelievably unlikeable that I just had to put it down.

4. The Romance Reader’s Guide to Life
by Sharon Pywell

30319080. sy475

This was a book where the title hooked me in but it was not what I was expecting. Truth be told (if I remember rightly) I saw this cover and title and wrongly assumed that this would be a fun and light-hearted contemporary. But it turned out to be a sluggish historical fiction. I put this down very quickly.

5. The Spider and the Stone
by Glen Craney


I tried so hard with this book but good god, I was just too long. I had independently been reached out to from the author to review this and nothing makes me feel more guilty than when that scenario doesn’t work out! This was quite a heavy-going histroical fiction and just too long, I couldn’t get through it and it didn’t hold my attention.

6. Dragon Champion
by E. E. Knight


I WANTED TO LIKE THIS SO BADLY. I was tragically upset when I realised how nope this book was. It sounds like we’re going to get a super duper epic tale about dragons, and we nearly do. It’s from a young dragon’s perspective but the language and style of the writing was so off-putting that I found it ridiculous and gave up halfway through.

7. Broken Forest
by Eliza Tilton

17797999. sy475

I thought the blurb had sounded interesting for this one but alas, I found the story a bit meh. This was a free eBook so I hadn’t felt too guilty giving up on this one. I think in the end it just didn’t draw me in enough and I felt neither one way or another about continuing to read it.

8. Seed
by Rob Ziegler


This sounded like such an epic sci-fi! I think I did also confuse this book with another popular book, still not 100% sure about that. But I think there’s another book out there with a similar title that everyone loves and I thought this was it, but it was not. I borrowed this from the library, I remember, but just found the style not to my taste in the end.

9. Cyberwar
by R.J. Huneke


Oh god, I remember how long I persevered with this one. I won it from a Goodreads giveaway way back in the day and just found this awful. It was boring and slow but I felt soooo obliged to finish it. After what had definitely been more than a month trying to slog through this relatively short read, I finally let myself put it down and move the heck on.

10. Psychonaut
by K.Z. Freeman


I don’t remember much about this book except for how quickly I put it down. Yet another sci-fi that didn’t tickle my fancy. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Not only that, but another review copy/free eBook which is always a risk!

That’s a wrap!

Do you often DNF books?

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


22 thoughts on “Abandoned Reads | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Oh wow, you’ve only DNF-ed 13 books? That’s pretty impressive! I DNF all the time, though there are some that I will persevere on if I feel like they might come around to being something I could enjoy. I guess, it’s a case of too many books and too little time. i don’t want to struggle through something I’m not enjoying.

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  2. I’m the same! I hate abandoning books but sometimes you have to! I should DNF books more because sometimes it feels like a waste of time when I’m really not enjoying it.

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  3. I’ve never considered DNF’ing a power play– but you’re right! It is certainly something people who know what they want from books are good at. But when you like everything, and not just a subset of authors or genres, it can be hard to do this! I don’t DNF as much as I used to — I DNF a lot when I’m picking my own books. But being a part of the wonderful bookish community here, I find it more and more rare to DNF. Life is too short to read bad books, but I’ve gotten a lot better about curating my own reading list to ensure I never read anything truly BAD.

    Though, as you saw in my own TTT, I’ve been abandoning reads to pick up again later, rather than DNF’ing entirely. Quarantine brain is doing weird things to my reading!

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