Bookish Bands | Top Ten Tuesday

Are you ready for this week’s prompt? I sure am. I hope you’re all keeping well and getting lots of reading done! I’m pushing through a book that isn’t quite as amazing as the last flurry of novels I’ve read have been. I’m also back at work which is sad, I was enjoying downtime to read!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s prompt is:

Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

I think this prompt is hilarious: I’ve really been looking forward to it. You can bet I had a heap of fun picking books for this. I’ve decided to be super extra and make a album cover for each of my new bands. However, I also ran out of puff after seven books, please tell me this wasn’t a waste of time *desperate laugh*.

1. Jump

18304662Red Sushi Logo (2)

2. Circle of Shadows

35553692. sy475 Red and Black Japanese Restaurant Logo

3. The Book of Whispers

27804013. sy475 Stylish Paint Shop Logo (1)

4. Soundless

24751478Script Blue Restaurant Logo

5. Wink Poppy Midnight

23203106Modern Minimalist Etsy Shop Icon

6. The Midnight Dance

30128124. sy475 Black and Red Laser Games Logo

7. Viper Wine

18160164Rustic Mountain Logo

That’s a wrap!

What title would you pick for your band?

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


23 thoughts on “Bookish Bands | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Wow!! You went the extra mile in an awesome way. I’m in awe of anyone with graphic design skills, and that includes simply having IDEAS for designs.

    Based strictly on the album covers, I would definitely pick up The Book of Whispers to investigate further; it looks like it might be folk music. And Soundless, which looks like a female singer or female-led band is involved. And Wink Poppy Midnight, because the color contrast pops so well that I need to know more!

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