2019 in Review | A Personal Note

Hey guys! This isn’t actually my yearly wrap-up. This is a small note reflecting on 2019.

2019 has been an interesting (and honestly, pretty shit) year for me and this whole post isn’t about books so if you’re not interested in my personal life (fair) then feel free to skip this one.

But basically, this whole year has been hugely patchy for blogging. And the last two weeks I haven’t posted anything, thought about blogging or had the motivation to blog. I’ve made many promises to get back into a regular rhythm and have repeatedly failed. It has frustrated me beyond belief but I just haven’t been able to do it.

Well, here’s what’s been going down.

In October, I had a rubbish month. I mentioned this in my wrap up and was generally surprised by how much reading I still got done. The reason was that my relationship of two years ended . . . but we got back together only a week later.

But unfortunately, things just didn’t improve from there on in despite me giving it my all. Two months later, I find the relationship fell apart again. So I’m once again single and finally having a breather from the mental and emotional grapple I’ve been in all year. And AH, I have all this time to think about what I love the most in life again: books.

So the honest truth is that. I simply haven’t had the brain space this year. Things have been hard, moving out of home mostly sucked and I lived in a household that smothered me beyond belief. I had no support and truth be told I’m pretty proud that I’m still mostly me – SOMEHOW – after all of that.

I leave behind no hard feelings and I’m moving on with many a lesson learnt, but I wanted to say to you all 2020 is going to be my year. I am currently spending all my free time making excessive spreadsheets for reading goals for the upcoming year and achievements from this year finishing (oh and pie charts too, I LOVE pie charts). I’m putting together the most amazing end of year wrap up that will make you statistic-lovers froth at the mouth.

I’ve had a small break and an incredibly patchy year. Maybe this was entirely unnecessary to let you know but sharing helps, *shrug*. I think I’m finally going to enter back into the blogging world with more consistency.

So many apologies to my loyal and awesome friends out there reading this blog. We have one day left of this year and then I can wave it goodbye and move on. I feel like I could say more but really that’s the main thing. It’s been a bit of a shitshow lately but hang in there with me because I’m making a come back.

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


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