Libraries That Helped Shape World History || Guest Post

intro by Sarah from Siege Media

When was the last time you checked a book out of the library?

If it’s difficult for you to recall the last time you even stepped foot inside of a library, you’re not alone. With ebooks and book delivery services widely available, it’s easy to forget that the library is still a great resource for finding the perfect read. And let’s not forget, it’s free!

Centuries ago, libraries were one of the only places with collections of documents free to peruse. It was a place that molded some of the greatest minds. Oldest recently published a visual that breaks down some of the most invaluable libraries in the world, dating back to the 6th century.

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The Ten Kindest Characters || Top Ten Tuesday

Hello, hello! I’m deviating from the course today and semi-freestyling. I wasn’t inspired by today’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday for whatever reason so I’ve done something on a different topic. So I hope you’re ready to explore the top ten characters (in my opinion) who warm the cockles of your heart and make you want to befriend them INSTANTLY.

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