Quick History in Ivan the Terrible || AUDIOBOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!

Ivan the Terrible: The Complicated Life of Russia’s Psychopathic Tsar by in60Learning


Genre: History
Author: in60Learning
Published: March 2018
Publisher: in60Learning
Audiobook Length: 1 hour
Page Count Equivalent: 36 {kindle}

Review on Goodreads

Big thanks to in60Learning for providing me a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review!

Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing

Once again another cute, short and informative audiobook from in60Learning. I really enjoyed this one and how well the life and history of Ivan the Terrible is broken down and summarised. It was enjoyable to listen to and whilst sometimes a little overwhelming with all the unfamiliar names, I can safely say I understand the history surrounding this historical figure much better now!

Ivan the Terrible

This is a 60-minute audiobook that gives a succinct and easy to listen to history on Ivan the Terrible. Ivan is a famous Russian historical figure and was the Tsar of Russia (a Tsar is basically a King). The audiobook details his life when he was younger, coming into power and what he was like ruling his country. It talks about the wives he had, what happened with his children and his religious beliefs.

Nothing is too complicated, too confusing nor too overwhelming so this is great for all audiences who are interested. I’m in love with what in60Learning is doing for spreading the knowledge of history – nothing is better than presenting it in such a way that is approachable by all so that history doesn’t become something “boring” or too overwhelming to pull apart and learn. It’s a really good and easy way to learn a bit more about this famous character and I so enjoyed doing so!

What I Enjoyed

I really enjoy the narration of these books. Why? I couldn’t tell you. I think it’s just done a good pace with an easy to listen to narrator. Which makes all the difference, if you had someone with a voice that doesn’t work for you, it’d be so hard to concentrate on what they’re actually saying.

I also think that in60Learning does a great job of picking out which parts of history will make the most accurate and concise version of the history they’re telling. I haven’t come out of any of their audiobooks yet feeling as though something big was missed. In the short space of time that they have, they do a really good job – I know I’d struggle to keep it to an hour!!


A fabulous, affordable audiobook that I highly recommend! I can’t wait to see more people getting into these and learning about all corners of history. They’re so worth the read. Something easy to do whilst you’re making dinner, doing your knitting or polishing your garden gnomes. Highly recommend!!!!

A Giveaway!!!!

Ready for some FREE books?!!? Of course you are. I’ve teamed up with in60Learning to give FIVE of you the chance to win THREE AUDIOBOOKS valued at $20!! So follow the link below to head to the sign up page. It’s easy to do! I’ll be doing two more reviews of two other audiobooks and there will be the chance to win even more books then so keep an eye out for that!!


Have you read Ivan the Terrible?

Share your thoughts below!

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


3 thoughts on “Quick History in Ivan the Terrible || AUDIOBOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Ive been super into podcasts lately – and with this one hr audiobook, i imagine it will be quite similar to a podcast in terms of length! I could never get into audiobooks bc of how long they were – but if its only an hr long, im excited to listen to it! Plus its on Russian history (a topic that I often find myself getting lost in with Wikipedia searches haha)

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