The Dragon Loyalty Award

I was tagged to do this award literally forever ago. I’m a terrible human being BUUT I’ve been busy so look at me throwing all that care out the window. POOF. But thanks TT @ Introtoblurb for the tag!!

The Dragon Loyalty Award is one of those fun little things where you get to talk about yourself by throwing out some random facts. Fun, right? Excellent. The rules are simple and as follows:

1. Give nine facts about yourself. Either 4 will be true, and 5 false, or 5 will be true and 4 false – you decide!

2. Tag other bloggers.

Which is fantastic because everyone loves guessing games (you know you played Guess Who? to death, mwahaha).

 The (Maybe) Facts

I’m a firm believer that the remedy to any bad book is the addition of more dragons and some gnomes. There is literally no book that wouldn’t benefit from this. All the good one’s have them (literally – Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Eragon . . . and then vampires in Twilight – see?).

I like to play the accordion in my spare time. The goal is to embrace my inner (and non-existent) Italian side.

My favourite book in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling is The Chamber of Secrets (book two). I’m a big snake lover, you see? Ssssssss.

Tarzan is my favourite Disney movie and Brave is my favourite Disney Pixar. I will frown upon you for eternity if you tell me you haven’t seen a Disney movie that I love, as well. (Seriously though, what are you doing with your life?).

I am studying Modern History and Italian at university. (That’s code for, I’m a pretty amazing person and you should all be buying my chocolate and t-shirts with David Tennant on them).

I really don’t like it when people put gifs in their reviews. Like come on, man, grow up a bit. We don’t need that much Sherlock/Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Disney in our lives.

Hate is a good word to describe my initial feelings about Pride and Prejudice – but I’ve since come around. I can’t hate something that Colin Firth has starred in, in its screen play adaptation. Gah.

I have met Benedict Cumberbatch at Comic Con and died a little inside because AHHHHHH.

My favourite series is the Tiger’s Curse saga by Colleen Houck. Because really hot ancient Indian princes that are also really adorable tigers. GUYS. *faints*

 My Tags

Ioana @ booksreenchanted

Grace @ Quirky and Peculiar

Samer @ Book Bubblebee

 So, how well do you know me?

Let me know what you think is fact or fiction in the comments below!

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~

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