Exploring My Bookshelves: To the ARC!

Exploring My Bookshelves is a weekly meme co-hosted by Shannon @ For the Love of Words and Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds. Each week we’re given a new theme and we get to show case one of the books on our bookshelves that relate to it! Yay! I guess the idea is that eventually you will see every single book on my shelf and can be best buddies frolicking around in a daisy field . . . or not. ANYWAY.

This week’s topic is:

An Advanced Reader Copy of a Novel

I don’t receive a lot of ‘ARCs’, as we book nerds like to call them (because who can be bothered saying ‘advanced reader copy’ every. single. time?), but I have received quite a few through the Goodreads Giveaways. So today I thought I’d share one of those with you today. But first! The shelfie:


Seeing as my shelf hasn’t really changed that much since last week I thought I would highlight the bits that have changed (so yay spoiler for you as to my next bookhaul). Also, if you look carefully you’ll see two of my prized funny vegetable sitters that I collect. Or did before they stopped making them. I’m sorry black grapes, one day I will find you.

PS. If you’d like to see my whole collection then let me know and I’ll do a post for you!

 The Word Ghost by Christine Paice


The Word Ghost

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Historical Fiction
Author: Christine Paice
Published: June 2014
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Pages: 368 {paperback}

This is England 1973, and fifteen-year-old Rebecca Budde is in love with Dave. After one glorious summer, Rebecca is forced to move with her family to Brightley, a village with a puddle for a pond, and no excitement at all. If only Dave were there.

Very weird things are going on inside their new house, and even stranger things are happening in the village at night. Someone appears to be living in Rebecca’s wardrobe. Someone else is on the balcony, trying to get in. Things don’t make sense anymore as Algernon Keats steps from the shadows, his sister not far behind him. There’s no Dave, two ghosts, a pub, a dog and Alex March, a dark and brooding artist, living in the Manor House down the road, whose interest in Rebecca is both puzzling and thrilling. {cont. on Goodreads}

[Goodreads Summary]

Okay so I may not have actually read this yet . . . I’ve been meaning too but you know how it is – it’s all exciting to receive an advanced copy and you’re SO pumped to read it. And then suddenly it’s two years later. Ahem.

Let’s just say I went through a phase of not getting around to reading my books (but I’m trying to read one ARC AT LEAST a month now). I genuinely thing this book sounds really cool and I can’t wait to pick it. In fact, as it sits here beside me I’m really tempted to just start reading it, but I’m trying very hard to stick with my TBR (which I never post, I just scribble on paper to give my reading month some structure). Maybe I’ll read it in March.

// BUY //

 Do you have an ARC that’s been sitting on your shelf for a long time unread?

Let me know in the comments below!

 End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


2 thoughts on “Exploring My Bookshelves: To the ARC!

  1. Ohhhhh so many. So many I can’t even tell you. It’s bad. Not ones for review, mind you- but those that I’ve won, or traded for, or gotten at BEA… I try to get to them, I really do, but I figure the ones for review HAVE to come first, and time is not on my side 😉 I do hope to get to a point soon where things have calmed down and I can read them! Good luck to you too 😉

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