Dying For More in Die for Me

Die for Me by Amy Plum



Die For Me

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy (Paranormal)
Author: Amy Plum
Published: May 2011
Publisher: ATOM
Pages: 341

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Initial Thoughts

This. Was. Awesome.

A wonderful bit of fun with some paranormal fantasy – Amy Plum is just THE BEST. I cannot wait to continue the series, I loved every moment of this story and the characters were so much fun. Particularly Vincent. I can now confirm after reading this and After the End that Plum is now one of my new favourite authors.

Why Amy Plum is Just The Best

This is only the second book I’ve read of Plum’s but I can’t even express how much I enjoyed every second of it. The characters were fantastic and likeable, Kate is my new fictional bestie, and Vincent is my new fictional boyfriend. The setting was fabulous – right in the middle of Paris but spiced up with the fun of paranormal elements. I just love this book, okay?

What’s it All About?

I’ve sat pondering for a while thinking about how to be sum up for everyone why you should definitely, without question, read this book right now. So I’ve got two points for you:

a) Look at the cover.
b) Vincent.

And I think that just about covers it. Sorry, did you want to hear more about the book? Apologies.

Kate and Georgie are sisters and after their parents died in car accident. They move to Paris from America to live with their grandparents. Kate (Katya, in full) has become almost completely reclusive, unable to function since the death of her parents – polar opposite to her sister. Georgia continues to hit up the nightlife and is out till the cows come home every day. She nags Kate about coming out wit her but Kate is quite content to do nothing. So what’s so great about this reclusive Kate?

Kate is basically me sans depression. She’s perfectly happy in her own company and doesn’t mind ‘hibernating’ for the weekend – which means taking a bunch of books to her room and reading them all day and doing nothing else. She spends her free time in museums and art galleries (perks of living in Paris) and strolling down beautiful streets and along the riverside. Dream life, or what? WRONG. It can get better ladies, it can. She adopts a local cafe as her regular haunt and reads books there whenever she’s not at school. But early on she catches the eye of a rather dashing young lad.


Vincent is dreamy. He’s this mysterious man to start with who acts slightly jerkish in his attempts to speak to the female gender. In particular, Kate. Whilst the story is told entirely from Kate’s perspective you just know that it would be hilarious coming from ‘Vince’ . . . actually I think I prefer ‘Vincent’ better.

But of course, being YA, Vincent is not all he seems – thankfully he is not the ‘bad boy’ stereotype who always shows up brooding in corners (praise the lord), he’s actually just sort of out of practice and ENTIRELY smitten with Kate. Because Kate is awesome and I want to be Kate. Minus the dead parents, of course. He has a secret that has everything to do with paranormal things and nothing to do with being an assassin, pirate, shape-shifting dragon, criminal, or god – which is nice for a change. I haven’t read much paranormal fiction for a while so this was amazing to delve into and who better to trust to do is well than Plum?


The whole concept of the Revenants was AMAZING. Vincent, being an immortal, unfairly sexy Revenant was perfect. I loved the idea of this supernatural being existing with the sole purpose of saving people who are about to die.

Info blurb: Revenants are beings who have died and ‘reanimated’. The selection is random and mostly unknown but those who become Revenants must spend the rest of eternity saving people who are about to die. They don’t sleep, but everything else is normal about them. For reasons I won’t explain further, they are able to sense when a person is about to die and it is their job to save them.

I also loved how Plum shattered our worlds of ‘aww amazing’ by throwing in the fact that there were also bad guys who were the evil zombies (as we all secretly call the Revenants when we’re feeling particularly jolly). So the whole world has now expanded from human beings living their lives to this crazy world of unseen forces duping people into dying and their opponents saving them. What is not to love about that concept.

The Toe-Curling Romance

Of course there’s a romance in this book – don’t give me that look. I loved everything about Kate and Vincent’s relationship. But what I loved in particular was the fact that Kate didn’t just throw herself into his arms at the first mention of him liking her. She’s sensible and considers that dating a dead person has some very probable complications.

I like how gentlemanly Vincent was with Kate – the fact that he’s from an era gone by helped me swallow his instinctive chivalry, considering that it’s only in YA that modern guys ever do that, not actual 19 year old boys (I wish). I liked that although this very almost teeters on insta-love it’s not. Do you hear me? IT’S NOT. Well played, Plum, well played (I’m never going to stop enjoying writing ‘Plum’, ehehe).

In short, the relationship feels as real as it can given the situation that we’re dealing with. I CANNOT wait to see what happens in the next book which I am ridiculously excited to read. So ridiculously excited. (And the cover’s pretty too!!).

The Gang

I just wanted to do a quick mention of the other characters that 100% made this story. Jules was my favourite. I loved how flirtatious he was with Kate and especially during the times when Vincent was ‘volant’ and he didn’t miss an opportunity to hit on Kate. I also really loved Charlotte. But all together the team of Revenants were a great laugh. They made the story really enjoyable and I loved the strong friendship between them all. I’m very, very curious to see where their stories go in book two, Until I Die.

Quick splurge of all things AHH in a spoiler

To view the spoiler click HERE to be redirected to my review on Goodreads
where the spoiler will be hidden at this point in the review.


I highly, highly, highly recommend reading this book. This is now one of my all-time favourites because I just could not find anything to hate about it. I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved the concept, and I’m jumping up and down in anticipation of buying and reading the next book VERY quickly. *Deep breaths*. Amy Plum, you are a goddess – please keep writing more amazing things! Go and read this book already people, and you can thank me later.

Side note: that cover.


What did you think ofΒ Die For Me?

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~

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5 thoughts on “Dying For More in Die for Me

  1. I don’t know whether to be more excited about the stunning review, or the amazing gifs (seriously those Sherlock/HP gifs SLAYED me). This book definitely sounds like a must though *adds to the TBR list*. I love books in which the main relationship isn’t always cut and dry, and actually has some context and build up.

    Agh, there goes the remainder of my week after ordering this.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks! I’m so glad you’re going to read the book and I really hope you enjoy it!! You have to let me know what you think of it (tweet me?) πŸ™‚ Have fun and don’t melt too much when you meet Vincent πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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