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Woo! More read-a-thons! Tomorrow the Read-Your-Bookshelf-A-Thon commences, so that’s the 19th January 2016, and I am going to participate. RYBSAT is hosted by Miranda over at BooKss101 and you can watch the official announcement video HERE. I thought I’d borrow Miranda’s thumbnail for round seven because it’s an adorable photo and makes it look as fun as the marathon is! The hashtag is #RYBSAT for anyone wanting to follow or participate on Twitter.

What do you have to do?

Well it’s quite simple, really. You pick a point on your bookshelf and read that book and each consecutive book next to it on the bookshelf. The aim is to read as many books as you can during the week. So no stress on the amount of books or type of books you just have to read from one point onwards on your bookshelf.

There is one exception (I believe) and is if you get to a book series you’re allowed to either read all of the books, or just pick one and move on to the next book in line. So without further ado, let’s take a peek at my TBR!


So this is a cube of my newest bookshelf that I will be reading from. I’m still chomping through my Christmas books so these are all Christmassy ones that I’m planning on reading. I’m aiming to read three books this week as I did the Bout of Books read-a-thon at the start of January and read two books then whilst working a lot. This week I’m pretty light-on for work so BRING. IT. ON. These are the three I’m focusing on:

FullSizeRender (2)

 Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin


I’m really eager to read this book and I’m going to be starting with it, so I can’t wait! I’m sure you’ve all probably heard of the synopsis for it by now but it’s essentially an alternate history where Hitler won the war and there’s an annual motorbike race and a girl gets in it and plans to kill Hitler because the prize is meeting him. Whew. I think that about sums it up.


 Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes


I am honestly wayy over excited to read this book. This is actually one of the books I purchased for myself just after Christmas because why not? This is such a popular book and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it. You’ve probably also heard of this book – it’s a wickedly awesome fantasy novel and lots happens, that’s about all I can remember from the synopsis. So this will be the second book that I read.


 The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron


I received this book from my Aunt and Uncle at Christmas and I’m pumped to read it! It had been on my wishlist for such a long time because it sounds so amazing but I’ve just never got around to buying it. It’s an historical fiction about a violinist and a portrait that she investigates, basically. I love the cover and I love the title so I’m really hoping this lives up to expectations.


 My expectations:

Knowing me, I’ll read just two of these books. However, I am really hoping that I just power through these books – I’m really determined! I am halfway through another book that I’m reading for review (The Sage, the Swordsman, and the Scholars by Pierre Dimaculangan) and I’m thoroughly enjoying it – but I don’t really want to put it down for a whole week so I might sneakily be finishing that one off too, which will of course slow my progress a little bit.

On the other hand, if I surprise myself and finish all of those books the next one I’d be reading from that shelf is After the End by Amy Plum (as I’ve already read the others between that and the previous) . . .

 After the End by Amy Plum


I’ve been wanting to read an Amy Plum book for so long so I’m super excited to have this one lined up. It sounds like there’s going to be a whole bunch of action (and there’s wolves on the cover!) so here’s to hoping it blows my mind!


Well that’s all so terribly exciting, isn’t it? I love read-a-thons and plan on participating in as many as I can this year to keep me motivated and reading as much as I can!

Are you participating in RYBSAT this week? Let me know in the comments below and link to your TBR so I can check out what you’re reading!

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~

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