The YA Chronicles Unboxing: May 2016

Oh look at that, MORE BOOKS. Huzzah! Today is the glorious day that I received the May YA Chronicles subscription box and it's a good one! Even more exciting, it's my birthday next week so basically this is like an early present to myself and excuse to start celebrating how wonderful I am early. The … Continue reading The YA Chronicles Unboxing: May 2016

YA Chronicles Unboxing: March 2016

I actually get way to excited at the arrival of the YA Chronicles' box, it's just got to be the highlight of the month. To be fair, there are very few things more exciting than a BOX filled with STUFF. Especially if there's any bubblewrap involved. Hello everyone! I'm going to do the very exciting … Continue reading YA Chronicles Unboxing: March 2016