YA Chronicles Unboxing: March 2016

I actually get way to excited at the arrival of the YA Chronicles’ box, it’s just got to be the highlight of the month. To be fair, there are very few things more exciting than a BOX filled with STUFF. Especially if there’s any bubblewrap involved.

Hello everyone! I’m going to do the very exciting thing of unboxing my March box today from this splendid company. If you’re not familiar with The YA Chronicles then allow me to explain: they are a bookish subscription company that release one box a month filled with one YA new release and 2-5 little goodies. The boxes are themed and they are FABULOUS. So far I’ve been really enjoying everything that I’ve received that the book selection has been on point. Or should I say ‘fleek’ – is that how you even use that word? And when did that even become a thing. If anyone has any explanations on this fleek business I would be oh so grateful.

This month’s theme was Australian Made which had me very curious as to what would end up in the box because unless there were boomerangs and Ugg boots then I was at a loss.

ANYWAY. Onto the box!

 Lo Box


This is a quick glance of everything that came in this month’s box. Anndd, if I’m being honest I was a little surprised at the lack of . .  . stuff. Although the tote bag is seriously cool. Let’s put it this way, if I was ranking the boxes that I’ve received so far in order of best to least best, this would probably have ended up at the bottom.

 The Book!


Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Author: Will Kostakis
Published: February 2016
Publisher: Penguin Australia
Pages: 256 {paperback}

You might have already seen this in my March Haul but here it is again! I did some serious sleuthing on the internet to try and work out what book could correlate to the theme and I did give this one a passing glance. So I’m officially handing myself an award for best Sleutherer for Looks (one of these days I’ll stop making abstract references to geeky shows for the sake of those of you who don’t watch them. But today is not that day).

This book actually came personally signed WHICH IS VERY COOL. And I would even show you if I could be bothered to take another picture, but alas, I cannot. It’s basically my name and a signature in distinctly boyish writing, if you needed to know. Also! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned, shame on me, that they company has a little stamp that imprints their logo on the first page of the book. Have I mentioned that before? I don’t think I have. BUT THAT’S PRETTY COOL, RIGHT?


 A Chunky Bookmark


I present to you, a wooden bookmark. This is pretty cool, I’m not going to lie. Whilst it’s perhaps a little too big to be of much use to stick in an actual book I shall endeavour to use it! The print reads:

A person who collects or has a great love of books.

Very apt, very apt indeed.

 Not So Chunky Bookmarks


The top bookmark that you can see there is the staple bookmark that comes with each box and has the theme written on it. One day I shall have a pretty rainbow of YA Chronicles bookmarks and frame them so that everyone can look at it and go ‘ahh’. #LifeGoals. (I’m kidding, relax).

The second bookmark (the blue one) came with The Sidekicks book and basically has the cover design on it and is looking generally cool. I can’t wait to be fancy and use it as I read my book. I like to do these things on the train, you see, so that people can look at me and be like wow, look at that fashion sense. I may know next to nothing about what top to wear with what pants but my bookmark-book coordination is fleek. 

Seriously, though, why are we using a word that frustratingly autocorrects to  ‘fleet’ every time. Who’s idea was this?!

 The Bag of Tot-y-ness


So clearly, this is a very cool item. I took this for a test drive/wear yesterday and I approve. I can now heartily flaunt my bookishness with this wonderful bag and it’s excellent.

 A . . . Poster?

Okay, and then there was this. This is a double sided ‘poster’ that came from one of the publishing companies with these images on it. *contemplative face*. What do you think of this? I mean it’s nice, but I’m not going to frame it seeing as it’s basically just a promotion for a couple of book series. It’s also sort of just a large piece of glossy paper . . . I was a little surprised with this when comparing it to previous months’ items.

Okay! So that was it for this month’s box. I definitely thought this was a weak box, there wasn’t much in it and whilst it was all nice I can’t deny I was a little disappointed. Nonetheless!! I look forward to April’s box who’s theme is Journal Junkie – *sprints to Goodreads to being sleuthing*.

What did you think of this box?

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~

4 thoughts on “YA Chronicles Unboxing: March 2016

    1. Yeah :/ My advice would be to wait until you see a theme that you think you like and then take the plunge. I’m just hoping that it picks back up for April – they’ve been absolutely amazing up until this point!

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