The Ten Kindest Characters || Top Ten Tuesday

Hello, hello! I’m deviating from the course today and semi-freestyling. I wasn’t inspired by today’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday for whatever reason so I’ve done something on a different topic. So I hope you’re ready to explore the top ten characters (in my opinion) who warm the cockles of your heart and make you want to befriend them INSTANTLY.

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The Most Re-Readable Books || Top Ten Tuesday

Hello one and all! I hope you’re having a fantastic week. I myself am motivated to catch up to my Goodreads reading goal – I was doing so well in January but have found myself falling two books behind this months *yikes*. So don’t mind me whilst I read a book with one eye and write this post with the other.  Continue reading

Jumpstart January Read-a-thon TBR Announcement! | Round One

I’ve decided to do a thing. If you’ve been paying attention (I might quiz you at the end of the year so best take notes) I’ve signed a contract with myself to participate in one read-a-thon per month in 2018. A tall order? Most certainly – oh okay, no probably not, but shush and let me be dramatic. Except I couldn’t find any read-a-thons I fancied. So here we are, this is me, making a brand spanking new read-a-thon for you all to enjoy. Continue reading

Exploring My Bookshelves [#1]

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What’s life without many weekly memes? Meme-ingless. Har har har . . . ahem.

Today is Friday! What a glorious day of the week it is. I spent the entire morning running around after little children at the museum as I’m currently helping out with a Walking with Dinosaurs exhibit (it’s as cool as it sounds). So I thought I needed a way to wind down and that brought me to this wonderful meme hosted by Shannon over @ For the Love of Words & Victoria over @ Addlepates and Book Nerds and it just sounds so exciting!


Each week we get a new topic and get to share a book on our shelf related to that theme. Simples (read in Meerkat voice). This week’s theme is:


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