September Book Releases I Really Want but Am Yet To Get

The eternal struggle of being too poor, having too many books or not enough shelf space. It is particularly cruel at this time of year: September. What is it about September that the publishing companies go: oh yes, what a good month to releases all our books. I would positively gasp if they decided one year to spread out the releases. Continue reading

Waiting on Wednesday . . .

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Hello everyone!! Here I am again with another list (I told you I like them) and this time it’s Waiting on Wednesday hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine (and again, I’m writing this a day late, it may or may not be Thursday – but, pffft). Each week you get to pick one book that you are knocking at the knees with anticipation of it’s release for. It’s a bit like hyping yourself up for the future so that when the time comes you’re 100% excited and 0% guilty about buying it.  Continue reading