June Book Haul! || 2018

I hope you're all ready for a shock because I only bought ONE - THAT'S RIGHT ONE - book last month. *the sound of jaws dropping across the universe*. I mean, one book as far as I can remember. I've obviously reached that point where I have such a ridiculous number of books I can't … Continue reading June Book Haul! || 2018

June Wrap-Up! || 2018

We are OFFICIALLY over half-way through the year already which is amazing! I would most definitely like to be further on with my reading goals than I am at the moment but I'm not lowering my reading goal for the year until July is other. I'm cranking up my reading gears and read some fantastic … Continue reading June Wrap-Up! || 2018

June Wrap-Up || 2016

Well June was just a confusing month for me - I got half way through thinking I'd read at least half a million books to discover I'd only read about 5. Don't you just hate that? In any case, I'm finished with uni for the winter now so it's all free time for me now! … Continue reading June Wrap-Up || 2016

June Book Haul || 2016

Despite me not actually buying that much, June was a pretty spectacular month for books for me. I haven't read anywhere near as much as I thought I would have at this point but I've got so many amazing books in the pipeline. Argh, I'm just so eager to get around to all of them … Continue reading June Book Haul || 2016