January + February Book Haul! || 2018

Due to my incredible capacity lately to get out content on time, I've managed to forget to do a book haul in January. So - oops! That means that yes! In March you shall now be delighted with the onslaught of two months worth of book hauls. Hold on to your hats and grab some … Continue reading January + February Book Haul! || 2018

January Wrap-Up! || 2017

Why hello there. Wondering where I've been? Me too. I have had exactly 0.0001Β of a minute a day free and thus I apologise for not spending that time blogging. I'm afraid I'm too busy having fun running around Disney World's fantastic parks, squealing over the Harry Potter STUFF at Universal Studios - oh, and working. … Continue reading January Wrap-Up! || 2017

January Wrap Up!

Kapow! January is down! Today I bring you my amazingly awesome wrap up for January that I'm sure you've all been hanging onto the edges of your seats to read, yes? Good. You know for once, I'm not finding myself saying "I can't believe January isΒ already over!". Nope. For me January passed in a normal … Continue reading January Wrap Up!