DNF @ 50%: Brisingr by Christopher Paolini | Book Review

I tried, but in the end I was defeated. This bored me to tears!

Magical Training in Eldest | Book Review

【 ELDEST 】 ★★★★★ Genre: FantasyAuthor: Christopher PaoliniPublished: March 2007Publisher: Knopf BooksPages: 704 (paperback) First thoughts I can't get over how much more I loved this than Eragon, not that Eragon was bad. But wow! The story really sky-rocketed into another realm of awesome. I've been wanting to read this second instalment for so long, … Continue reading Magical Training in Eldest | Book Review

December Wrap-Up | 2020

Hi everyone! I'm back! After a few weeks of hiatus I'm excited to finally be doing my monthly wrap-up for the final month of 2020. I'll get into details about me and my hiatus in the What About Me section at the end. This wrap-up in itself is spectacularly late but alas, I do my … Continue reading December Wrap-Up | 2020