5 Books with the Found Family Trope

Hello everyone! One trope that seems to be popping up a lot in my world at the moment is the trope of found family. So I thought we could look at 5 books that are awesome and feature this trope.

Found family is when the character literally find friends who become like a family to them! It’s a sweet and often endearing trope that gives you the warm fuzzies. So read on for my recommendations below!

1. The Ruin of Kings

The Ruin of Kings is one epic tale and it is packed with found family vibes. The whole story is about characters who are utter misfits and are unexpectedly thrown together to face off strange events and baddies together.

If you’re looking for the adorable fiesty found family, where no-one wants to admit to the other how much they mean to them, then this is the book for you. It might be big and a huge commitment, but if there was one family I’d want to join myself, it’d be this one.

2. Ranger’s Apprentice

Ranger’s Apprentice has to be a classic by now, surely. It’s such a wonderful adventure in medieval-esque times, following the quests that Will and Halt go on.

There are so many gorgeous characters in this series and a strong sense of a found family. Between Halt, Will, Evelyn and Horace, they’re the tightest group you ever did meet.

3. The Eyes of Tamburah

This book (and the rest in the series) also have a really great large found family. I won’t go into too many details and who and how, as that’s explored later on in the book, but Shyla finds a large group of people from all different walks of life who have her back, no questions asked.

Loyalty is such a prevalent theme in this series and there’s nothing these characters wouldn’t do for each other. It makes it such a great adventure!

4. Raybearer

Raybearer has been such a popular new YA fantasy title and the structure of the world really lends itself to establishing a found family.

In this book, the characters are all together to see who will form the Prince’s Ray and the bond established via this is very strong. This is probably one of the most intense versions of found family in this list, with characters getting physically sick if they’re separated from each other for too long.

5. Project Hail Mary

I bet you weren’t expecting this one on this list! I can’t give you many details as the plot twists and super unexpected events in this book are best explored unknown.

But all I can say is this is the most unusual found family I’ve ever read in a book, and yet it is also one of my absolute favourites. Unique is a key word for this book.

What is your favourite trope in books?

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