What I’m doing at University

The University of Western Australia

I thought some of you might be interested in what I’m studying at university this semester so here I am to tell you about it. Perhaps some of you are history lovers like me and going to uni soon or maybe you’re just curious to see what I’m doing with my life. So allow me to tell you.

UWA Campus

For starters, I’m studying (as you can see above) at the University of Western Australia and I’m currently completing my Undergraduate – a BA (Bachelor of Arts). I’m doing History as my major and the Italian Language as my second major. You don’t have to do a second major but (obviously) you do have to do a major – that’s what your whole degree is about. I’ve decided to do Italian as my 2nd because it was easy enough to do and will be nice proof at the end of my degree that I can, in fact, speak Italian. Am I fluent now? No, I’m not fluent however I spent one month in Italy studying the language last year and I’m perfectly able to hold a conversation. After two years of working my butt off it feels damn good to be able to say that.

Perth (UWA is all those buildings at the bottom of the picture – Perth is that cluster of high rises buildings in the background).

As for History, I’m studying modern history – so anything from the 1700s onwards (maybe a little of the 17th century, too). I have dabbled in ancient history and skipped through some medieval history – but think of me as focussing on the World Wars. My interest in history is specifically turn of the 20th century – revolutionary Russia and European fascism, all that dark terrible but important stuff fascinates me. You might be thinking, am I focussed on Italian history because I’m learning the language? Well, not really – but I’ll get back to why I’m learning that language in particular later.

This Semester

This semester (which for me in Australia is basically March-June) I’m doing four units – two history and two Italian.

  • History: 20th century Britain.
  • History: The Vikings.
  • Italian: Language unit.
  • Italian: Italian linguistics & history of the language.

I know you’re probably thinking, we’ll hang on, Kirstie, Vikings are hardly modern – they’re not, you’re right. But the unit counts towards my major so who in their right mind would pass that up?!

One of my texts for this semester


I hope this semester ends up being as fun as it seems it will – both areas of history that I get to explore sound really interesting and I can’t wait to start. I must be the strangest person on earth to be so excited to get back to studies, but hey, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and that’s what it’s all about, right?

So, Why Italian?

The main reason that I chose Italian is basically because I did French in High School and hated it. Yup. I’ve since made peace with French and actually starting re-learning it (I didn’t really pay attention at school – probably why I didn’t like it) and found it quite easy.

We genuinely have Peacocks that hang around the arts building. Do you know how loud Peacocks are? They honk. Ugh.

Italian, I think, is one of the easier languages for a native English speaker to learn as well, so that helped me get through it seeing as it’s my first attempt at mastering a foreign language. I have high hopes for next conquering French, German, and Russian – but let’s take one thing at a time.

UWA Campus

My ultimate goal is to become a curator at a museum – I’ve always wanted to do historical advising for films. Although, that being said, I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with a publishing company or pretty much any else book related, too. Most curators do know another language so that’s my other motivation for getting a few under my belt.

Aside from all that? It’s fun and rewarding. (Plus I had an excuse to go to Italy, so you know).

 The End is Nigh

This is my final year at uni and I will be finishing my degree in November. I officially graduate at the start of next year, however. Hooray! I don’t have anything in particular in store for what comes next but I’m sure something will crop up throughout the year – at this point in time I guess I have three options:

  1. I’ll get a job relevant to my degree.
  2. I’ll continue studying to complete my Honours and then Postgraduate degree.
  3. I’ll take a gap year (I’m thinking I might go to Germany and learn German?).

So many choices!

So now you know where I’m at. I hope I answered all of the questions you might have and I hope it sounds interesting – I sure think it does!

What are you currently studying?

Let me know in the comments below!

 End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~



3 thoughts on “What I’m doing at University

  1. You’re so lucky that you actually get to go to a campus. I’m doing a writing/publishing degree through Curtin, but it’s online via Open Universities. It’s convenient for me, but I’d like that feeling of scholarliness that comes with being in a school. Good luck in the next semester!

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