What I’m doing at University

The University of Western Australia

I thought some of you might be interested in what I’m studying at university this semester so here I am to tell you about it. Perhaps some of you are history lovers like me and going to uni soon or maybe you’re just curious to see what I’m doing with my life. So allow me to tell you.

UWA Campus

For starters, I’m studying (as you can see above) at the University of Western Australia and I’m currently completing my Undergraduate – a BA (Bachelor of Arts). I’m doing History as my major and the Italian Language as my second major. You don’t have to do a second major but (obviously) you do have to do a major – that’s what your whole degree is about. I’ve decided to do Italian as my 2nd because it was easy enough to do and will be nice proof at the end of my degree that I can, in fact, speak Italian. Am I fluent now? No, I’m not fluent however I spent one month in Italy studying the language last year and I’m perfectly able to hold a conversation. After two years of working my butt off it feels damn good to be able to say that. Continue reading