Rock My TBR January Update!

Rock My TBR is a great challenge that has been set up for 2016. Basically, the aim is to actually read the books you own, rather than just buy buy BUY. Because let’s face it, the reason that our TBR piles are so high is because we all get over excited about new releases, sales, and in general Goodreads distracting us from the books we already have.


Host: Sarah K. @ The YA Book Traveler

In January I made great progress towards this challenge! The goal, for me, is to complete one ‘challenge’ book each month – you can see those set up HERE where I matched a book that’s been on my TBR for a little while to a song. This is so far proving to be a good way to encourage me to read my own damn books.

I read 9 books in January (and you can see my wrap-up HERE) but not all of them did count towards my TBR slashing goals. Which is totally fine, can’t have too high expectations here, can we now.

As a quick disclaimer, I just wanted to clarify which books qualify for this challenge.

  • They must be books I own.
  • They also include gifts I’ve been given (which means Christmas books of 2015 are inclusive).
  • They can be either physical books or e-books.
  • They do not include books for review that I have not requested.

I’m also going to officially declare the Kirstie Point System (feel free to steal this) and award myself points. If I reach 100 points by the end of the year, I will be bake myself a cake, or something equally exciting. How does this point system work? Basically, each book gives you one point BUT if that book has been on your shelf for over a year it gives you an extra point for each extra year. Confused? Allow me to demonstrate:

A book received/bought in 2015 will only give you 1 point.
A book received/bought in 2014 will give you 2 points.
A book received/bought in 2013 will give you 3 points.

And so on. If you can’t remember when you bought a book, then it probably qualifies for more than one point,  but just try and guess as accurately as you can. Let’s begin!

 My Challenge Book completed in January

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

— On my shelf since: April 2014 —



Points Awarded: 2

Allegiant has been on my shelf for quite a while, I bought both it and Insurgent near-ish to when they cameout. Obviously, I took my time completing this series and although I am now utterly heart-broken I am really excited and glad to have finally finished the series. Is anyone else really excited for future works from Roth? Because I sure am.

See my review [WARNING SPOILERS]

 Annnd the rest of the books:

According to Yes by Dawn French
See my reivew
— On my shelf since: December 2015 —

Points Awarded: 1


Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey
See my review
— On my shelf since: December 2015 —

Points Awarded: 1


Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin
See my review
— On my shelf since: December 2015 —

Points Awarded: 1


Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
See my review
— On my shelf since: December 2015 –

Points Awarded: 1


After the End by Amy Plum
See my review
— On my shelf since: December 2015 —

Points Awarded: 1


The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron
See my review
On my shelf since: December 2015 —

Points Awarded: 1


 Total points:


There we have it! My January update for the Rock My TBR challenge.

Have you guys read any books this month that have been on your shelf for yonks?

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


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