Book bans and Christmas tidings

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If there is anything that I love more than eating chocolate, it would have to be buying books. I love reading books, I love looking at books, I love smelling them (shh, it’s not weird, okay?), and buying them, for me, is the equivalent of letting a child loose in Disney Land. Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration . . . nothing beats Disney Land, unless it’s a really big haul of books – but let’s not go in circles.

The bottom line is that I’ve put myself on a book buying ban – and so far have only broken it twice: round of applause, please. Currently, there are 146 books sitting on my shelf that I have bought that I have not read. Whew. So, that’s a lot of books. I actually attempted some maths a while back (I know, it was an adventurous day) and estimated that to read all of those would probably take me another 2-3 years. So I’m planning on defying laws of mathematics and reading all those little goodies on my shelf much, much faster than that. *revs engine*

But that does mean that I needed to call an intervention with myself and make the executive decision to stop buying books just for a little bit. That decision has been in effect since the 2nd of August 2015 – it’s now almost November, achievement or what! My goal is to make it until the 25th of December (Christmas, yay!) whereupon I shall buy any book my heart desires and place all of those new shinies along with my Christmas presents (which are bound to be books) upon a new bookcase that I’m also planning on investing in just after Christmas. Guess where all my savings are going . . .

So that is why you (hopefully) won’t be seeing a book haul for a little while but I would like to share with you all the books I currently have sitting on my shelf  so once I work out how, exactly, to do that I will share it with you!

I usually buy books in paperback because in Australia hardbacks are quite expensive – but I am planning on investing in some hardbacks for those very special books/authors that I collect.
But for now, these are the top ten books that I most want to buy next:

Have you guys got any books you’re hoping to get soon? I’d love to hear what you think! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now, for some brain storming for a bookshelf tour!

Arrivederci tutti and happy reading!

~ Kirstie

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