Favourite Book Blogs & Bookish Websites || Top Ten Tuesday

Good day to everyone – hello, hello and hello to you in the back row wearing the Stetson. What a good day it is. Why? Because it’s Top Ten Tuesday time! I haven’t participated in one of these for oh so ever a long time because I have been far to disorganised to realise that Tuesday is coming up until it’s Wednesday and then, the day has passed. SO, here we are – and I apologise in advance if this post makes you want to buy bookish goodies. You have been warned. Continue reading

Spring Reads || Recommendations to Make You Feel Sigh-Ful

Hello friends! Today is a most glorious day in Perth and whilst I gaze out on the rolling meadows and am fed grapes by my personal dragon servant whilst my fictional boyfriends fan me with a palm frond, I thought hey, I should make a list of books that give you all the feelings that Spring gives you. What a good idea. Continue reading

Doctor Who Books: A Whovian’s Guide to the Bookish Universe

Well hello my fellow Whovians out there. I thought that in lieu of the Doctor Who Christmas special up and coming next week I’d have a chat about Doctor Who books. I’m going to provide some excellent suggestions, debunk some myths about what the books actually are, and explain to you why you positively need to read them right now. Sound good? Excellent. Continue reading