Past to Paper: Debunking the Australian Myth

Welcome back to Past to Paper! If you’ve been keeping up with this feature then I owe you an apology once again for not having one up in October. But the important thing is that I’m back now and with an exciting topic that’s close to my heart. Today, we’re going to be looking at Australian history through stereotypes and colonisation.

Esperance, WA:

Past to Paper is a monthly feature on Upside-Down Books run by a young, Australian history buff. History can be an intimidating topic for many and knowledge of the past is severely limited for the majority. This features aims to make history fun, spark interest, and increase awareness of the past and how it could be brought to paper in an enjoyable way other than the sometimes unapproachable genre of Historical Fiction. It’s time to learn.

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Past to Paper: What Happened to Southern Africa?

Welcome back to Past to Paper everyone! I’ve been thinking long and hard about this month’s topic and I’m 97.4% sure we’re all going to get confused, but where’s the fun in things that are simple and easy? This is actually another topic I’ve been looking at at uni and for those of you even remotely familiar with the history of Sub-Saharan Africa you’re probably going and HOW is this going to be just one topic. Yes, that is a good question. Let’s say this is going to be a broad poke with a stick to introduce everyone to Southern Africa (NOT South Africa, that’s just one country) and maybe I’ll follow up in months to come with the specifics.

photo source || Abercrombie & Kent – Madagascar

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Past to Paper: The Homefront, Britain WWII

Welcome back to Past to Paper! I’m super excited to share this month’s topic with you. Women at the Homefront during both World Wars in all countries is a topic that I love to study and read about. I find it fascinating how the world kept turning during such horrible times. It really goes to show how versatile and strong us humans are.

But first of all – I hope you’re all doing well and having splendid day. If you haven’t gone outside to wave at the sun and jumped on your bed at least twice yet, then I suggest you pause right now to do that. Very important stuff. So, I hope you all enjoy this month’s topic – get out your pencils and paper, kids, it’s time to learn some things! Continue reading